This is what a Liberal “Victory” looks like…

Vancouver Quadra By-Election – March 17, 2008

Party Candidate Votes % Votes
NDP-New Democratic Party Rebecca Coad 4,064 14.4 14.4%
CAP Psamuel Frank 40 0.1 0.1%
Green Party Dan Grice 3,792 13.5 13.5%
Conservative Deborah Meredith 10,004 35.5 35.5%


Joyce Murray
10,155 36.1 36.1% John Turner 110 0.4 0.4%

Polls: 237/237

The March 17 by-elections, in a nutshell: Bob Rae’s dream, Stephane Dion’s nightmare. Rae wins handily in the safest Liberal seat in the country; Martha Hall Finlay takes another Liberal seat as expected. But Dion’s leadership takes another huge hit, as his hand-picked candidate gets smoked in Saskatchewan, while his Vancouver candidate wins by the narrowest of margins (and may be subjected to a recount!)

Let’s see, spin doctors, how such a night can be viewed as a Liberal victory! Paving the way for a socialist carpetbagger to grab the reins…maybe, in media eyes, that is a victory, after all.



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6 responses to “This is what a Liberal “Victory” looks like…

  1. Lucy Warman

    Desperation means you claim everything except death as victory.

    Dion just needs butter because he is already toast.

    Biggest loser last night – Taliban Jack. He best cover his six because Mulcair is going to try and take him down hard

  2. TnT

    True. it’s probably about as idiotic as you posting that 60s liberalism is being nailed in a coffin. This -is- 2008 right? right.

    Rather amusing to watch you spout about the same crap you accuse liberals of.

    The liberals busy spinning their version of numbers, and the conservatives doing the same damn thing. Do ya think sometime, somewhere someone will go, “um, wait….”

    Probably not.

  3. “um, wait…” – WHAT? As usual, TnT, you make absolutely no point.

  4. TnT

    Oh Flaggman as usual you take yourself way too seriously. Really. You seem so upset about this.

    No one is seeing this as a liberal victory. Relax my friend. No need to get your shirt tails in a knot over it. The left is having the last nails hammered in the coffin right? The left vote is below 10% total in country now right?

    oh. oops. Now I see why the nerves.

    I’m sure Dion is celebrating the fact it wasn’t a bigger disaster, and trying to paint it as a positive. Any party, right or left would likely do the same thing. But, I suppose that was a point that was a little too obscure no?

  5. What are you on about? 10% Left votes? Nerves? Nails? Honestly, I have no idea what you are trying to say – although it smells of your typical narcissism. But I must ask you, sir: if you disagree with every post, why do you come here? Do you think you’re performing some sort of community service?

    For those of you who are big fans of my personal online stalker, here’s a plug for his own blog:

  6. TnT

    personal stalker Neil? Oh come on and you’re throwing around the narcissism label? Really? You’re a piece of work. If you don’t like people disagreeing with you, I’d say look in the mirror!

    Yes I disagree with many of your posts. Do you refer to anyone who disagrees with you as your personal stalker Neil?

    I was simply poking fun at you getting all up in arms that a liberal might see the election results as a victory (which they didn’t).

    Boy you get worked up about it. You can call me all the names you like. Is this one of things that will end up on your incessant lists describing the differences between right and left? On the right you call anyone who disagrees with you ‘your personal stalker”?

    Good god.

    And thanks for posting my blog. I didn’t realize you had to enter it for it to be linkable on your name. Perhaps you can see my entry about Andy Rooney.

    But I’ll take a guess and say you won’t get that one either.

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