Bob Rae, Stephane Dion’s Nightmare (More)

The war-drums are beating…here’s more evidence that Bobby Rae is on his way to the Liberal leadership. Here’s the headline, sub-head, lead paragraph in today’s Globe & Mail article by the journalist I call “Shameless Jane”, whose stories always read like they’ve been fed to her from a Liberal partisan’s war room:

Dion dogged by campaign debt

Liberal Leader retains lawyer to raise funds  

From Thursday’s Globe and Mail

More than a year after he won the Liberal leadership, Stéphane Dion is still struggling to pay off his considerable campaign debts, while Bob Rae, who placed third in the race, is expected to be all paid up by the end of the month.

Hmmm…so the story is – Dion is in financial trouble (which we all new), while Bob Rae is nearly debt-free (which we didn’t know). Is this newsworthy? Only to those who have an interest in making Dion look bad, and Rae look good. So why does “Canada’s National Newspaper” need to write a story that exists only to shed positive light on one Liberal leader wanna-be, at the expense of the current leader? Because the Liberal Party back-room boys wanted it to be there.

A further twist of the knife, later in the story:

Some Liberals believe that it is unacceptable and humiliating for the leader to still be wrestling with a debt so long after the convention.

“Some Liberals believe…” – this belongs in a news story? Again, this only serves one purpose: to plant the seed in the mind of the reader that Stephane Dion is incompetent, humiliated, and humiliating to the Liberal Party. Yes, the Bob Rae freight train is in full motion, and Stephane Dion is about to become a poor little bunny rabbit that couldn’t figure out how to make it off the rails.

Sad thing is, as I said yesterday, Rae is probably the only guy who can save the Liberal Party from oblivion in the next election, and likely thwart the Conservative Party’s hopes of achieving a majority. SDA commenter “RCGZ” laid out why perfectly this afternoon:

A BC boy, I used to travel to T.O. for business. The 401 was practically devoid of cars in the dying days of Rae’s Ontario. I came back several years later during Harris’s rule and the 401 was packed. Bumper to bumper at 10mph.

Ya, Rae’s socialist policies trashed Ontario. Yet the hatred for Harris eclipsed Rae in my not so humble opinion. How to explain that? Ontario’s voters are distinctly socialist……. and economically dumb.

Rae’s disastrous economic leadership will be overlooked I venture. Yes, it will be an issue….. but a small one overwhelmed by the voter’s desire for, ahem…. social justice. I am sure that the average voter just thinks that socialism will work if the dials just get set right. They know that Rae didn’t twist the dials properly last time out, but there belief in the concept of socialism will trump its past disaster. Why the idiocy of socialism never goes away. As it should.

Rae will win the leadership of the Libs. He will win the country too, because we live in a socialist swamp.

The only hope I have is that an election is called before they dump Dion. Prissy boy Dion on the stump. Rae on the stump, and the MSM will turn themselves inside out to get him elected.


Posted by: RCGZ at March 13, 2008 2:32 PM

I don’t believe Rae will “win the country”. But I do believe he will fool enough voters to hold onto official opposition in another minority parliament. I can’t disagree with the final sentiment, though – YUCK is right!

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