Ahmadinejad Nuclear Speech 2008-02-20: Concerned yet?

Ahmadinejad Nuremberg Rally

Anthropologists talk of man’s natural “fight-or-flight” instinct when confronted. So, for how much longer do we flee, in the face of Iran’s provocations? From today’s Reuters story, “Iran says atomic drive brings powers ‘to their knees'”:

In another defiant speech ahead of an International Atomic Energy Agency report on Iran due on Friday, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said Iran would ignore calls by major powers to halt sensitive nuclear work that has led to two rounds of U.N. sanctions…

“The Iranian nation’s will to continue nuclear work has won over the will of big powers … (and) brought them to their knees,” said Ahmadinejad, to chants from the crowd of “Death to America” and “Nuclear energy is our obvious right”.

In the parlance of North American popular culture, we’re now Iran’s bitch. How does that taste? Not very good on me.


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