Stephane Dion on CBC’s The Hour: Embarassing himself (yet again)

Question: why does the Liberal Party of Canada continue to poll within margin-of-error of the Conservative Party of Canada?

Answer: because most Canadians outside of Quebec have yet to be exposed to the jaw-dropping lameness of Stephane Dion.

Watch this opening-segment clip from CBC’s The Hour, and ask yourself: is this man fit to be leader of anything? (And also try to explain to me: what is he doing with that control pad in the final seconds????).



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5 responses to “Stephane Dion on CBC’s The Hour: Embarassing himself (yet again)

  1. TnT

    man, you have no sense of humor do you?

    I think it depends. If you really despise anything liberal that moves, I suppose you’d really snort seeing this video clip. I haven’t decided if I will vote for Dion yet, but it is about time he starts making himself a lot more visible. I thought it was funny as hell actually.

  2. If he’s such a fighter why has he not called an election?

    Funny when liberal policy #1 seems to be, to be a coward and run away from everything.

    Afghanistan, elections, honour killings.

  3. Dion just doesn’t have a persona that encourages people to jump with joy and as an individual he is, IMHO, more to be pitied than despised.

  4. MA

    I wish more people would watch QP…at least the first few questions when Dion has the floor. His numbers would sink really fast if they did.

    One of the funniest things to happen last week in QP was this: (it should take you to the exchange on Justice between Mr. Khan and Minister Nicholson). It was a hoot to watch though it was so short, and it spoke VOLUMES about Dion’s leadership.

  5. TnT

    “and as an individual he is, IMHO, more to be pitied than despised.”

    Come on lets not get stupid here.

    He is isn’t a good leader, or he certainly hasn’t shown himself to be so far that’s for sure. But let’s not get ridiculous here.

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