Light Blogging Alert: A New Flaggman Awaits

As my wife and I ready to welcome our second child into the world this weekend, my blogging will be shuffled aside for a while. With so many big things happening in the news – from John Manley’s honourable bipartisanship, to the upcoming all-out assault on Jim Flaherty leading up to the next budget, to the American media’s inevitable hand-wringing over their wishful-thinking self-denial over what’s really happening in the Republican Presidential race (that Mitt Romney is running away towards a clear, dominating victory), to the meltdown to anarchy in the world’s deepest money pit (Gaza), to the rapid civilizing of society in Iraq, to the probable conclusion of one of the most remarkable feats in football history – the perfect season of the New England Patriots – there’s a lot that I’ll be missing out on. But there’s no greater call in life than the proper raising of children…so, despite a growing readership that now averages about 150 visitors a day, I’ll have to slow it down for a while on Flaggman’s Canada.

If you want to do something good…make a donation to the Ayaan Hirsi Ali Security Trust. Administered by Sam Harris – an Atheist blowhard academic who can’t seem to make the simple distinction between good religion and bad religion – this cause nonetheless proves that, just as good people are capable of evil acts, foolish people can be capable of great works.



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3 responses to “Light Blogging Alert: A New Flaggman Awaits

  1. alexb

    All the best to your present family and the new pundit.

  2. Congarats and best wishes!

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