The Linda Keen Firing: Chattering Classes Yammer, Public Rightly Yawns

Much has been written about the Chalk River medical isotope crisis, the subsequent Parliamentary vote to solve it, and the eventual firing of the political appointee responsible for the crisis, Linda Keen. Despite Ms. Keen’s incorigible bureaucratic stubbornness, poor judgement, and unapologetic insubordination towards her ultimate boss, the Prime Minister, the media is suddenly atwitter: this is the downfall of the Conservative government!

Hold the phone. Regular people understand:

  • that incompetence and insubordination are cause for dismissal in any position.
  • that 13 years of Liberal bureaucratic appointments have been, in many cases, quietly subversive to the agenda of the Harper government, or, in the case of Keen, openly hostile to the “new boss”.
  • that a change in government means some Liberals will be fired and replaced with Conservatives.
  • that, as Colby Cosh explained in today’s National Post, Parliament finally worked the way it was supposed to when it met into the night to override the foolish Nuclear chieftress with near unanimity.
  • that if the media keeps pimping non-stories as if they were the next Watergate (i.e. Mulroney-Schreiber, Guergis-Dion, Emerson-crossing, Garth Turner-spinning), they’ll just be tuned out completely in favour of American Idol and Corner Gas.

Canadian small-c conservatives, recognize this for what it is – another victory as Harper grabs another opportunity to slowly but surely re-shape the out-of-control bureaucracy. Good on him. Columnists of The Globe & Mail, Toronto Star, and even The National Post (yes, you, Ivison) – understand that the regular people of Canada accept that this is his prerogative, and won’t be fooled into thinking otherwise!

And in case you were worried about the polls, don’t forget – this is the guy Harper gets to run against when the election is finally called:



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5 responses to “The Linda Keen Firing: Chattering Classes Yammer, Public Rightly Yawns

  1. If I am not correct everyone accused of incompetence and insubordination should be given a fair hearing BEFORE the axe falls. Regardless of political preference only in dictatorships are people (esecially qualified individuals) accused and sentenced without a fair hearing. Let’s get real and quit letting political expediency overrule common sense. We know that chances of an earthquake of the latitude the safety measure was meant to control was not much of a possibilty, but what if the 1 in 50,000 plus chancs happened? What excuse would be used for politics trumping common sense?

  2. “accused and sentenced without a fair hearing.”

    Whoa, Robert – you’re confusing an employer-employee relationship with a criminal justice hearing. Employers can release employees with cause at any time, without any “hearing”.

    And your appeals to common sense? Common sense dictated that the reactor should stay on. There’s many things Keen could have done to get Chalk River to get their upgrades done faster, but ordering the reactor shut down was counterproductive. And stubbornly refusing to budge, just to spite the Conservative boss she holds childish sneering contempt for, was exactly what you decry – politics trumping common sense.

  3. TnT

    What are some of the thing Keen could have done to get the upgrades faster, as opposed to what the AECL could(should) have done?

    Personally I think part of the ‘yawn factor’ is that most of us don’t really know who to believe here. I think something really stinks here, let’s hope more information becomes available.

  4. philanthropist

    Liberal bureaucrats have been sabotaging the government for too long, more should be fired. Environment Canada employees are all upset that they can’t say anything they want to the media anymore – and it’s about time. Those employees should look around and see how fast employees anywhere would get sacked for contradicting or interfering in their employer’s business. They argue that they’re talking about ‘science’, but as can be seen from the most recent research into global warming – science wasn’t even on the agenda, obviously it couldn’t be.

  5. TnT

    let’s get one thing straight mr. philanthropist. Their employer, is the taxpayers, us. Since when did the government of Canada become a company competing with us the taxpayers (who pay their salaries) such that we are to be kept in the dark? See, that is the core of the problem right there in the conservatives thinking.

    So with that in mind, I want environment canada to be able to be transparent, and open with Canadians. Not muzzled and told what they can, and cannot say.
    Hopefully enough Canadians are smart enough to see this, and will reject this controlling attitude of Harper and ensure that he never sees a majority government. Ever.

    And what sabotage? This liberal conspiracy insanity is just becoming sheer lunacy.

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