Predictions for 2008

Feel free to throw these back in my face as the year unfolds…

  • The Huckaboom will be a quick bust; the McCain revival a mirage; the Giuliani lay-low-until-February strategy a disaster; and Mitt Romney will emerge as a popular consensus candidate for the Republicans. A Romney-Duncan Hunter Republican ticket will handily thrash the Hillary Clinton-Evan Bayh Democrats.
  • Liberal Party of Canada leader Stephane Dion will swallow some heavy poison pills enclosed in the February 2008 Conservative budget, trigger an election, and send his party spiralling to disaster. The Stephen Harper Conservatives will get a bare majority; the Bloc will be the official opposition; the Liberals will be heretofore known as the Toronto Party, losing virtually every seat outside the GTA; and the NDP will nearly equal, or possibly surpass, the Libs in seat count by swallowing many left-leaning districts.
  • The War in Iraq grinds on to essential victory, as a civil, democratic, free-market society continues to be embraced by the Iraqi people. Overt Iranian provocations against a newly confident Iraqi regime may start the process towards military retaliation and eventual regime change in Iran. Pakistan remains the basket case it has always been.
  • Canada, on threat of leaving combat in Kandahar, squeezes European NATO allies into a more active role in Afghanistan, and forces NATO command to proceed with a “surge” to emulate the grand success of America’s surge in Iraq. Harper to be lauded internationally for his leadership on issue by year’s end.
  • At least one major Islamist attack in a Western country. Not a single major march against terror to occur in the Muslim community.
  • The Beijing Olympics, rather than providing a PR coup for the Communist regime, will help turn international public opinion against China, as more light will be shined on the morally bankrupt, environmentally disastrous, slave-labour society it has become.
  • Rather than sink into recession, the American economy will perform just fine, and the undervalued greenback will make significant gains in world currency markets as the Bush administration nears its end. The Canadian dollar will ease back into the $0.90-$0.95 range, but won’t dip lower due to continued high commodity prices.
  • The world will not be a safer, more peaceful place in 2008; that’s just the way it is!

All the best!



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