Brian Mulroney vs. Karlheinz Schreiber


Please, if you disagree, tell me why I should care about this cat fight.

Canadian media: what you’re doing is called Onanism. Look it up.



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8 responses to “Brian Mulroney vs. Karlheinz Schreiber

  1. philanthropist

    CBC and Liberal Party staffers have made entire careers out of chasing Myron Baloney, the chase is front page stuff of course, so they certainly don’t want to catch him.

    While that kind of persecution is acceptable in Canada – obviously – since it’s been a dozen years and counting of investigations, it’s about time that chasing Muldoon was funded privately.

    The Liberals/CBC should establish a Foundation or Trust Fund and finance their campaign against the former PM that way, taxpayers should not be on the hook since even Chretien’s poodles in the RCMP couldn’t find anything on ‘lyin Brian’.

    Liberals have always looked favourably on Trust Funds and other pools of money before, so it’s a reasonable way to perpetuate media persecution.

  2. TnT

    Just observing this has to make you smile. ‘Lyin Brian’, squirming as he admits to going to a hotel room, and accepting envelops stuffed with wads of cash. This after he indignantly proclaimed he had no dealings with Schrieber. Not to mention what the current government knew, and kept a lid on, and what possible dealings it had with Mulroney.

    I see conservative supporters on blogs etc. all trying to say ‘nothing to see here’, no one cares anyway’, funny enough just like Harper. It seems to you it’s all those wascally wiberals and their slush funds, those devils are after the good fine upstanding conservatives!

    If Mulroney were a liberal the conservatives would pounce on this so hard it’d make your head spin. There would be screaming and caterwauls so intense you’d be wiping the spittle off the walls.

    Personally I say shine the spotlight on all of them. I don’t care what party they’re from, or if my party of choice gets highlighted in wrongdoing. Because I certainly won’t make any excuses or gloss over the wrongdoing of any them.

  3. TnT: Some of us aren’t fooled so easily. There is no comparison between Liberal corruption to the core while in office, and an unloved former Progressive Conservative Prime Minister’s involvement with a sleazy crook. Frankly, most Conservatives I know want Mulroney to look as bad as possible, so he’ll just go away. He has no relevance to today’s party.

  4. TnT

    really? In your view? I’m not fooled so easily either 🙂

    I have read post after post from conservative supporters lately who would rather return the talk to liberal corruption (like you did) than this, heaven forbid there should be any connection to the current government. But, as I have seen for 2 years, everything this government does seems to end up as the liberals fault.

    I’m thinking perhaps I need a scapegoat around the house here like the liberals, whenever I need one should I get criticized for not doing something right.

  5. philanthropist

    Schreiber’s a sleazy crook and Mulroney was a fool for getting involved with him. But he’s just one fool who got 2 or 3 hundred private G’s – Liberals stole more than $40 million dollars from Canadian taxpayers. That should get a lot more attention – and there should be Liberals in prison.

  6. TnT

    really? Which Liberals? And how much more attention is needed? It was only the top story for the longest time as it was very public inquiry! I realize perhaps conservative supporters salivate on getting more mileage out of it since it was the single biggest reason for their slim minority…

    I’m not making any excuses for what was done wrong there, but my point here seems to be missed. I’m seeing a double standard by quite a few conservative bloggers. Somehow, they are clinging to this idea that if the dollar amount is higher, then that makes the lower dollar amount by the conservatives, well, kinda ok. To me, a crook is a crook, whether it’s 100 grand, or a million bucks. Conservative supporters everywhere are lining up to give their pal Mulroney a free pass because well, the poor hapless fine upstanding ex prime minister had the misfortune of dealing with a crook. I’m sorry but I’m not buying that crock of crap. Nor am I going to consider it any less a crime if the dollar amount is lower than a past crime either.

    When the conservatives took power I had hoped that they would clean up Ottawa. It needed it. But almost from day one, from the patronage appointments to broken promises, and the failure to really put accountability into law, they have let us down from what they said they were going to do. And through the entire time, all they have done, is to blame everything on the liberals. Recent news reports have shown that the tories also are spending irresponsibly ( , and items like this ( ) really highlight the hypocrisy of this so called ‘accountable NEW government’. 2 polls a day at taxpayers expense? Puuhlease!

    The news has been full of reports of improper things from this government, including the improper reporting of millions in campaign donations (quietly admitted to last xmas while everyone as drunk) and even now the recent stepping down of tory appointed AECL head even though Harper loudly proclaimed it was a ‘liberal appointed bureaucrat’s fault’. (those damn liberals!)

    Don’t get me wrong. The Liberals were voted out for good reason, and I was happy to see them go. But don’t even try to justify this governments improper actions based on comparing dollar amounts (that we know of) and saying ‘well it’s not as bad as the liberals’.

    Is this our bar of excellence? Will we continue to be subjected to ‘well the liberals blah blah’ everytime this government is called out on something? If the liberal government was so bad (and they were) then I want a government who will stand on their own 2 feet and lead without blaming, and being only a little better than the liberals. No, I expect a LOT better. And this NEW government, isn’t cutting the mustard in that regard for me.

  7. Jim

    Typical con: ignore the failings of their own “paradigms of virtue” while flailing away at the immorality of everyone else.

    Here’s a hint: the Bushies would welcome your enrolment in the U.S. infantry (note: We’re not talking a desk job here.) currently serving in “Eye”raq. (Bushies never could pass a literacy test.)

  8. Mulroney, a paradigm of virtue? In whose world? Ah, I know – in the paranoid-delusional world of the left, where there’s nothing else but politics, and where the distinction between a former PM (Mulroney) and one of his all-time biggest detractors (Harper) is somehow lost. Step out of your bubble, sir.

    And I must say, turning this into some sort of anti-Bush babble makes you sound like a mental midget.

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