The Aqsa Parvez Murder: Islam has a problem

Aqsa Parvez, murdered at 16, father Muhammad charged

A horriffic story out of Toronto’s Mississauga suburb: in what seems obvious to be an honor killing, taxi driver Muhammad Parvez has been charged with the murder of his 16-year-old daughter, Aqsa Parvez, who was well known to be disobedient of her dad’s wish for her to wear the hijab and follow a traditional Islamic path.

Countless details on this young life snuffed out can be found in this story from CTV, this post from Michelle Malkin, this story from City News. Follow the discussion at the National Post.

Do all Muslims believe in killing disobedient women in their own family? No. But do most familial murders of disobedient women happen within Islam? Yes, most certainly.

Do murders of disobedient women happen outside of Islam? Yes, certainly. But does any other major religion have a specific problem with its adherents regularly murdering their disobedient women? Absolutely not.

All Muslims aren’t problematic; but Islam has a problem. And if it weren’t a religion that has over a billion adherents worldwide, and an inherent political agenda with an ultimate goal of world domination, it wouldn’t concern me so much.



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61 responses to “The Aqsa Parvez Murder: Islam has a problem

  1. philanthropist

    Move along, nothing to see here. The police, Courts, media, politicians, universities, feminists etc. certainly want to…

    ….because it will be difficult for them to address the offence this girl caused to Islam, which is what they’re all really worried about.

  2. Terry

    “Her dad was threatening her and she was getting scared and she just didn’t want to live there anymore,” another student said.

    So when does Social Services get involved and start moving young girls to safety if they are being threatened by their Muslim families? And are the rest of the children (if any) being removed from this house (there was a mention of an older brother as an accomplice).

    Seriously, this is enough. Get outreach programs setup for these kids to turn to. Separate them from harm. She was helpless and it looks like the entire school knew she was in danger. Why was she still at home?

    This is disgusting, if Canada wants to be a welcoming, multi-cultural beacon of harmony–we have to insist on making sure these children will come to no harm for trying to be CANADIAN.

    Note to the Muslim community in Canada and around the world: We all await your public outrage over this murder. Let’s hear it.

  3. When I was a teenager in the 80s, I had second-generation Canadian friends who couldn’t wear make-up, couldn’t date, and were told not to act like trampy “Canadian girls.” There were so many girls of their ethnic group that my school offered courses in their language. I took them myself, and was eventually the only “Canadian” in the room. However, we were all Catholics. They were Italians. A Sicilian girl went through an arranged marriage just after graduation.

    I have blogged out my rage about Aqsa Parvez’s killing, so I apologize to all who are still steaming. Yes, there is a problem within Islam. But “honour-killing” was once a Christian problem too and for all I know still is in Mediterranean Christian communities. I’ve heard some scary tales about Sicily.

  4. Seraphic: invoking past indiscretions of Christians only serves to provide cover for those determined to spread murderous Sharia to the entire world.

    Never heard of the Mediterranean Christian honour killing epidemic, I’d love to see some evidence.

  5. Flaggman, believe me, I’d love you to prove me wrong. But honour-killing was indeed common in parts of Italy. Also, men in France once got lighter sentences for killing unfaithful wives.

    I don’t write this to downplay the Islamic family violence problem; currently it appears that honour-killings are mostly in so-called Islamic countries, cultures and neighbourhoods (e.g. part of Berlin). On the bright side, if casual murder of “bad” daughters and sisters can become rare in some macho cultures, than perhaps it will become rare in others.

    Here’s one bit of evidence of trad Med Christian honour killing :

  6. And here’s a story of a Sicilian-American honour killing in Detroit. It happened in 1920, but the story is only now being told.

  7. Seraphic, at least be intellectually honest here. Your “evidence” is a story about a Mafia family. This is about the tribal cult of the Sicilian Mafia, and has nothing to do with Christianity! Ms. Parvez, however, was killed in the name of Islam, as are untold thousands of other young women every year.


  8. This is a put-on, right? A mafia hit in Sicily and a 1920 murder in Detroit are the best you can do? You are going to great lengths to excuse today’s Islamic honour killing problem.

    Moral equivalency is, at best, a weak-minded dead end, and at worst, a slow and painful suicide.

  9. I am sorry I said a “Christian” problem. What I meant was, “a problem among Christians”, particularly those from around the Mediterranean.

    I’m certainly not going to find books of French and Italian jurisprudence on the Internet. But tell you what, google for “crime passionel” and see what you find. If you think that honour killing is a new thing, or soley a Muslim thing, you are remarkably ill-read.

    “Shouting” at your readers and accusing them of moral equivalency is not going to make you friends in the battle against Islamism. I guess I’ll stick to Shaidle and SDA from now on.

  10. Moral equivalency arguments don’t make friends here, nor are they friendly to the fight against those who kill their own children.

  11. Here we are, “Crimes of Passion” from wikipedia:

    Now how about a word of praise for Tarek Fatah and the Muslim Congress of Canada, Muslims who, at the risk of their own lives, publicly condemn Islamic violence?

    I am out of here.

  12. MA

    Seraphic Single,

    As a Christian whose ethnic background is from the Mediterranean, I take so much offence at your ignorant statements, I’m practically shaking.

    How DARE you compare the tenets of Islam, which allow fathers and brothers to deal with women in ways that are COMPLETELY in violation of Christianity, REGARDLESS of the behaviour involved???

    Look, people from *many* cultures find what has become of Western dating very morally problematic on many grounds. And those parents definitely make their issues known to their children. I know mine did. And I agree with them. (Please don’t read what I’m not writing: I’m NOT saying it’s either arranged marriages, which most Christians from the Mediterranean do not have anymore, including my parents, OR “dating” when you’re 12.)

    But to start equating objections to post-modern morally bankrupt social behaviour which crosses cultures and religions to what’s written in the Koran about the sexes, how they should relate, how they should dress, and why, shows an utter lack or willingness on your part to properly distinguish between right and wrong. And in doing so, you have smeared people who actually have had to live under the sword of Islam for 13 1/2 centuries. People whose religion could not be more different from that of their oppressors. People who would cringe at the thought of their daughters covering their heads in public (and “dating” at the age of 12!). People who deserve more respect than the drive-by, ignorant, morally mixed-up smear job than you’ve given them.

  13. Well said, MA. She knows she’s lost the argument, and hopefully some of the things said here will rub off on her in a positive way. She think she’s oh-so-clever, but her smear on Christianity was caught red-handed. Using an Islamic honour killing as an opportunity to smear Christians is, quite frankly, sickening.

    On the other hand, if she truly does believe the problems in Islam will just take care of themselves, hopefully, some day, she’s just truly naive.

  14. alexb

    Another Islamist apologist.
    Every time i see a picture of that young lady(Aqsa) i tear up.
    “Islam has a problem”
    No,Islam is the problem!

  15. Here is an article about a Sicilian who, like me, got into hot water for mentioning Sicily’s violent past in the same breath as Islam.

    If you’d ever read my blog, you’d see that I am not exactly an apologist for Islam. In fact, I am a Christian, and if I was ever killed for being a Christian, it would be the proudest, greatest day of my life.

    I have written three Ph.D. papers on Islamic violence. Every morning I scan Jihad Watch and Little Green Footballs. I am not stupid. I know what’s going on.

    But I have grown tired of the constant “kill ’em all” wailing on LGF and I don’t think anonymous chest-thumping is a good approach. It’s not the approach I’d like to see in Canada. We keep shouting “if there really are moderate Muslims, why don’t they condemn the violence?” Well, as a matter of fact, there are moderate Muslims condemning the violence. Like it or not, other Canadians are going to have to work with them. As the National Post editorial pointed out, this is not Europe. Nobody is burning cars in Mississauga.

  16. emil

    Seraphic, I know I jump in uninvited, but please answer this simple question.

    Do you think that women killing in the name of religion has been on the same scale in Christianity and in Islam?
    (crime passionel, etc, don’t count)

  17. alexb

    Please point out the constant”kill em all” wailing on LGF, if you are refering to the comments section then please say so.Otherwise do not implicate a web site for incitement.
    About moderate Muslims condemning violence in Canada,yeah two with any voice, Irshad Manji and Tarek Fatah (sp),where are the rest.
    I will also point out that these two “moderates” are under constant threat of violence from within their own community. Kind of makes it hard to “work with them”.
    As for the Post editorial,that was the most blatant piece of apologetic crap for Muslim misogyny i have ever come across.
    No we are not Europe and are not burning cars in Mississauga(just murdering daughters).
    But do remember France had a starting point.

    No PHD required.

  18. Maria

    seriously you all need to wake up and listen to yourselves, Islam does not have a problem, it is PEOPLE who have and cause the problems. Islam as well as every other religion if followed properly are nothing but peaceful, i dont believe Christianity nor Islam encourage violence as such i.e. honour killings. If anything its more a cultural phenomenon that ignorant people wrongly attempt to justify through a religion, in this case Islam. According to Islam he was WRONG to murder his daughter, he was WRONG to try and force her into wearing hijab, Islam doesn’t promote please stop blaming the religion for ignorant peoples mistakes!

  19. Robert

    fundamentalist religion of any kind is a cancer

  20. Maria: Many Muslims do believe that the Koran calls for the subjugation of women, and the authority of men to beat and, if necessary, kill their women. If this is wrong…then someone has to tell them! Take to the streets, chanting “Not in My Name”…in the meantime, I can’t accept the denial that people like you push.

    Robert: I hope you understand that different religions promote different morals, and have different results. Fundamentalist Islam is certainly a cancer. Fundamentalist Buddhism can’t even hurt a fly! Check-your-brain-at-the-door comments like yours don’t fly around here.

  21. elspeth

    Flaggman, Sri Lankan fundamentalist buddhists are killing people right and left. They checked their ahimsa at the door, I’m afraid.

    Emil, I’m glad to hear that it doesn’t count if a western/christian guy kills his wife. That’s great to know and very comforting.

  22. “Fundamentalist Buddhists”? Please, show me proof that Sri Lankans are killing in the name of Buddhism. I find that impossible to believe.

    I’m sure you understand that killers who happen to be Buddhists, but kill in the cause of, say, installing a socialist government, are Socialist Killers, not Buddhist Killers. Similarly, Muslims who kill for the cause of Islam are Muslim killers.

  23. elspeth

    Well, here are a few links to get you started:

    These are fundamentalist buddhists who explicitly state they are killing for buddhism. This also goes on in Bhutan, Burma, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand. I admire buddhist philosophy, but some of the adherents are a little whacked.

    I should mention that I spent a year in Egypt, so I am perhaps a little biased by having met a lot of Muslims, practicing and not, who think about fundamentalists the way most Christians think of Jim Jones, or at best Jimmy Swaggart.

  24. Sean

    The point is fundamentalist Islam is the challenge of the age. There simply is no comparison between instances of “fundamentalist” behaviour in other religions and the global pattern of Islamofascism. It is a virulence that spreads like a cancer, because it is actively fostered by fundamentalist states like Iran and Saudi Arabia. As people like Irshad Manji, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Tarek Fatah and others point out, the problem is institutional (at the core of the faith), not situational, and is capitalized upon by those who see the West as a corrupting influence of their culture.

  25. elspeth

    Sean, I think globalization is the challenge of the age. I agree that states can and do use religious feeling as a tool.

    The problem with many Islamic states, as I see it, is that they are repressive military dictatorships, sometimes lightly dressed up as democracies. If they have problems common to military dictatorships, I couldn’t blame Islam for them without feeling a bit twee.

    To my mind, an Islamic problem should be common to all, or most, Islamic countries. If it’s confined to a few areas (like FGM) or it’s widely found outside Islamic countries (like honour killing) then it’s a cultural problem.

  26. Elspeth, your muddied thinking must come from academia! I’m guessing you’re a PhD candidate. “Globalization”? As meaningless a term as “Climate Change”…but meaningless is exactly what your side likes, so you can make it up as you go along.

  27. ron

    I have read enough to understand that Christian honor killings,while rare,do still occur.Scotland Yard suspects,only suspects,mind you,that Christian honor killings have occured in Btitain.There have certainly been Christian honor killing in the Mid East.You can find this info on the web,Google ‘christian honor killings.’

    Point to ponder;There is a strong movement afoot to classify the recent killing of the young girl in Ontario under the broad heading of domestic violence.Should it succeed,this honor killing will disappear from the radar,simply another fight between father and daughter.All over the western world,husbands kill wives,fathers kill daughters ,and it is all classified as domestic violence.Are there honor killings disguised among the data?

  28. Sana from Chicago

    I didn’t even read this whole thing but I pretty much have an idea of what everyone thinks about Islam. First of all if any of u guys really know, the reason for murder is still under investigation. So assuming things & making 4 out of 2 is just so bias. 2nd Even if that father did kill her for so called honor then what does that have to do with what religion he was from? 1400 years ago Islam was the only religion that condemned burials of alive young baby girls since they were not considered as superior as boys. It was the 1st religion to give women equal rights in property shares. Even America which is I am sure the world’s only country with all sort of individual freedom allowed women to vote in the early 1950s. Why is it that a Muslim person does something his/her religion is the first thing written before even his/her name is mentioned? Does that means if any Christian bombs an abortion clinic, he did so because his religion preaches things like that. In short all I wanted to say is that I am a twenty one year old Muslim girl with two more teenage sisters. We are free to choose our life parthners. Free to wear whatever we want as long as it is modest. Free to drive, eat, go outside basically LIVE the way WE want to. & No it is NOT because I m in North America. It is beacuse my parents follow Islam not the traditions of whatever country they come from. Atleast be a little more open minded & think before accusing a religion. Instead of just condemning a religion try to learn “Facts” about it. Meet up with original Muslim families. I assure u’ll find them to be one of the most sweetest people on earth. Why can’t we Muslims, Jews, Christians & all other religions live together like brothers & sisters. After all don’t we all beleive in the the fact that we are all sons & daughters of Adam & Eve. Doesn’t that makes us all one?


  29. NO TAQIYYA HERE! Only truth matters. If you want to lie and obfuscate, take it elsewhere.

    Peace out.

  30. ron

    Taqiyya,Flaggman?I thought that only applied when trying to conceal one’s beliefs to avoid persecution.

  31. Haris


    Flaggman & Seraphic Single conversation is very interesting. I wont disagree with either one, but its quite amazing how Flaggman quickly differed Christianity From Sicilian Tribe yet he fails to differentiate between Islam & culture. Honor killing is not some thing common in Muslims world, nor is it an alien to non-Muslim societies but to say that Islam has a problem is totally bizarre & bias.

    I’m sure most of you remember the video of honor killing in Iraq, now was she Muslims? . . NO!

    In India, for example, more than 5,000 brides die annually because their dowries are considered insufficient, according to the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF).

    Hinduism is the major religion in India, does this mean Hinduism preaches this? . . NO!

    Reports submitted to the United Nations Commission on Human Rights show that honor killings have occurred in Bangladesh, Great Britain, Brazil, Ecuador, Egypt, India, Israel, Italy, Jordan, Pakistan, Morocco, Sweden, Turkey, and Uganda.. But while honor killings have elicited considerable attention and outrage, human rights activists argue that they should be regarded as part of a much larger problem of violence against women.

    Are all these Muslim countries? . . NO

    There is nothing in the Quran (Islamic Sacred book), that permits or sanctions honor killings. Being an Pakistan living in America, honor killing is a much bigger problem for us then any one else. Hundreds of women are killed in the name of honor each year in Pakistan & thousands in India. But this is not do to a proper understanding is Islam, rather it is due to the Ignorance of Islam & literacy. Such killing have every thing to do with Culture but nothing to do with religion.

    The first and foremost basic right in Islam is the right to life. The Sacred Qur’an lays down: Whoever kills a human being, except as punishment for manslaughter or corruption on earth, it is as though he had killed all mankind. And whoever saves a life, it is as though he had saved the lives of all mankind. (5:32) The Qur’an also makes clear: Do not kill a soul which Allah has made sacred except through the due process of law. (6:151)

    Based on these injunctions, the calculated murder of the victim above cannot be justified under any circumstances and would be considered a severe Sin. Within the Sh’ariah Law, this killing would be considered as a murder & the perpetrators should be dealt with with the strongest punishment possible.

    Thanks – Gud Day
    “O Mankind! We have created you from a male and a female, and made you into nations and tribes, that you may know one another. Verily, the most honorable of you in the Sight of Allah is that who is most pious and righteous. Verily, Allah is All-Knowing, All-Aware”Quran 49:13

    The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said: “If you guarantee me six things on your part I shall guarantee you Paradise. Speak the truth when you talk, keep a promise when you make it, when you are trusted with something fulfill your trust, avoid sexual immorality, lower your gaze (out of modesty), and restrain your hands from injustice.”

    Al-Tirmidhi, Hadith 1260

  32. BTW guyz if any of you have any furthure question please Click on my name & visit the Group. Its an Inter Faith dialogue Group You will find people of all faiths.

    Instead of blaming Islam, blame those who followe there own twisted versions of it. You will find the majority to be much more friendly.


  33. Haris: I said it above, I’ll say it again: your Taquiyya arguments are not welcome here. I am not a sucker for moral equivalency arguments, like many in the modern world are.

    I’ll be as clear as possible: “Violence against women” is NOT the problem here – this is simply a way of avoiding reality. Islam IS the problem here because the father killed for ISLAMIC reasons. This man would not have killed his daughter if it wasn’t for Islam. Clear as day!

  34. elspeth

    Flaggman, I’ve just travelled. No PhD required. Globalization is an Arabic-speaker in Egypt faxing a car parts order to China, in English. It’s text-messaging a friend in Delhi and getting an answer back in two minutes. It’s Baywatch in a cafe in Indonesia.

    And I have read a few books. I realize that might make me a problem right there.

  35. TnT

    really. Well your moral equivalency argument you used in the stem cell post I found seem to serve you. Ridiculous as it was. What was it, comparing harvesting organs from living people to woman donating unused embryos. Right.

    No it isn’t clear as day yet, as it’s still under investigation. Perhaps clear as day to those who are convinced Islam is the problem, and not the persons who are committing the crime.

  36. emil

    elspeth says:
    “Emil, I’m glad to hear that it doesn’t count if a western/christian guy kills his wife. That’s great to know and very comforting.”

    What I find disconforting is that you have a comprehension problem. The key point in my question was IN THE NAME OF RELIGION.

  37. elspeth

    “Convicted killer Robert (Willie) Pickton, in a letter to a prison pen pal in 2006, said he was put on Earth to rid the world of its evil ways and that those who are immoral and impure will suffer the anger of God.” – financial post

  38. emil

    We are making progress. However, the FULL question was:

    Do you think that women killing IN THE NAME OF RELIGION has been on the same scale in Christianity and in Islam?
    (crime passionel, etc, don’t count)

  39. TnT

    how many women in the last year were killed in Canada, “IN THE NAME OF RELIGION” by christian and islam?

    Good catch elspeth on Picton.

  40. TnT, Elspeth: keep it coming, you just continue to prove my point. People like you are determined to go to either whitewash Islam, or drag everyone else down into the same muck.

    Picton, killing in the name of religion? Don’t make me laugh. He said that after getting caught, no doubt looking for sympathy. There is no evidence that he lived a life in any way following the scriptures. Muhammad Parvez, on the other hand, was determined to run a strict Islamic household.

    TnT: there is no moral relativism in my thoughts on stem cell research. You’re looking for something that isn’t there.

  41. Sean


    “To my mind, an Islamic problem should be common to all, or most, Islamic countries. If it’s confined to a few areas (like FGM) or it’s widely found outside Islamic countries (like honour killing) then it’s a cultural problem.”

    The problem IS common to all or most Islamic countries. Islam and culture are so interwoven, they are indistinguishable when it comes to normative behaviour of its adherents. That is why you have women wearing some form of covering from Indonesia to Algeria. Same with honour killings. Wherever Islam is the dominant religion, different cultures, with varied social and historical development exhibit the same form of behaviour.

  42. TnT

    ok there flaggman. The stem cell thing, oh it was there. In black and white. I called you on it, but you won’t admit to it. You seem to me the type of person who is more interested in spouting than a real discussion. Plenty of you out there I’m afraid.

    I don’t think I have ‘proved your point’, and that is a classic line used by trolls.

    It’s rather annoying to discuss anything with that kind of nonsense. Waste of time. Any valid points that does not agree with yours is met with nonsense.

    Anyway, believe what you wish! Good luck.

  43. Seraphic: I support every moderate Muslim out there. But if you believe this is some sort of evidence that there’s not a problem with Islam itself, you’re simply not thinking clearly. There are decent people in every large-scale movement, but you can only judge the movement itself on its overall trends and actions.

  44. More moderate Muslims: “Fatima”, Sayed Shah, Mahfooz Kanwar.

    Yes, I know there’s a problem in Islam. I said so in my first comment. And, being a Christian, I don’t believe at all in the Islamic faith. But the only way to protect Canadians Islamist bullies in Canada is to support those moderate Muslims brave enough to denounce them. Bullies are cowards, and hopefully when misogynist brainwashed-by-Saudis Muslims realize that not just non-Muslims but other Muslims in Canada can see that the local Wahaabist Imam has no clothes, than they will stop their violent, seditious and illegal behaviours and hopes.

  45. Whoops. I am missing the word “FROM Islamist bullies.” Obviously I don’t want to protect Islamist bullies. I want Canadians, Muslim, Jew, Christian and Other, to be protected to Islamist bullies. And the way to do that, as I said, is to stand behind the moderate Muslims speaking out. The racist, sexist Wahaabis might not listen to white women like me, but they might listen to nice non-white Muslims like Mahfooz Kanwar.

  46. Ahh! my typing! I left out “from” again! Those of good will will know what I mean.

  47. Olga

    The problem is that Moslem parents believe all children will turn out evil, unless parents mold them into who they wish them to be and deny them any happiness, affection, opportunity for growth and development of unique talents, and any individuality. Girls are beaten and berated into submission, and treated as sub-human. Even in countries that do not dictate a particular form of attire, their individuality is stifled, and their days filled with abject cruelty until they agree to become submissive zombies.

  48. BK21

    Haris quoted (poorly, snip snip)

    Sura V.32: “Whoever killed a human being shall be looked upon as though he had killed all mankind ”.

    Here is the entire quote: V.32: “That was why We laid it down for the Israelites that whoever killed a human being, except as a punishment for murder or other villainy in the land, shall be looked upon as though he had killed all mankind; and that whoever saved a human life shall be regarded as though he had saved all mankind. Our apostles brought them veritable proofs: yet it was not long before many of them committed great evils in the land. Those that make war against God and His apostle and spread disorder shall be put to death or crucified or have their hands and feet cut off on alternate sides, or be banished from the country.”


  49. mary

    lol…u guys r hilarious..fiting over sumthing that doesnt even make freakin sense..
    its not islam thats the problem…u c murders done everyday by christians and jews…people are only saying this crap bout islam cuz muslims r called “terrorists”…thats y
    and like many others said…indians do this and theyre not y blame a WHOLE religon for wrong doing when only ONE person did the crime

  50. mary

    shes really cute 4 a

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