Suckered by Suzuki: NHL Players buy Carbon Credits

Apparently, they didn’t learn their lesson with Eagleson or Goodenow. The NHL players , under their new leader, Massachussets lawyer Paul Kelly, are being fleeced again – this time, getting strongarmed into buying “carbon credits” – today’s equivalent to the indulgences sold by the church in Medieval times that let hypocrites be hypocrites, and led to the great schism. From today’s Toronto Star:

In a first for a major North American professional sports league, the National Hockey League Players Association is teaming up with the David Suzuki Foundation to promote action on climate change. And players are taking the lead by buying carbon credits to offset the environmental impact of their extensive travel during season play.

“To have … all these great heroes to Canadian kids taking a stand on one of the most important issues of our time is wonderful,” Suzuki told reporters at a downtown hotel last night. “I can assure you, the traction you’re going to get from this stand is far beyond anything environmentalists like I can get.”

The initiative, spearheaded by Boston Bruins defenceman Andrew Ference and promoted by former all-star Eric Lindros, has really caught fire, said Paul Kelly, executive director of the players’ group.

More than half of the league’s 700-plus players have already signed the carbon neutral challenge, said Kelly, who expects more than 500 will eventually participate.

“We players really want to show our fans and the kids who look up to us that action is louder than words and going carbon neutral is a big start for us,” said Ference. The Suzuki Foundation calculates that NHL players generate an average of about 10 tonnes of carbon emissions every year flying to games, staying in hotels and driving to and from arenas. At a cost of $29 per tonne, players will pay $290 each to offset their emissions.

The money will support wind energy in Madagascar, biomass energy in India and a hydroelectric project in Indonesia, the foundation says. These clean energy projects have been chosen by the foundation and meet the so-called gold standard for carbon offsets.

Could anything be more sad than our once-proud national heroes being tainted by falling for fad-inspired alarmists, who in turn are happily suckered by P.T. Barnum-inspired cads? I weep on my 1972 Summit Series Complete 8-DVD Set



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5 responses to “Suckered by Suzuki: NHL Players buy Carbon Credits

  1. I shall have to investigate whether any of these carbon-credit organizations are publicly-traded companies. I mean, if there is easy money floating around, why ought I to stay on the sidelines?

    I think I can raise about $25,000.

  2. MA

    Besides the sentiment that these players have indeed been suckered, the first thing that comes to my mind when I think about this is that they’re RICH. They can afford to pay these relatively small amounts of money and just keep doing what they’re doing! How does that help curb their supposedly bad behaviour? And what does Mr. Suzuki and his foundation propose — that we ban hockey, or tax its enjoyment? C’mon. Hockey employs many more people than the handful of people we see on the ice. A lot of people lost a lot of business during the strike. And not making it to the play-offs has direct consequences on the pocketbooks of local businesses for large portions of the year. This is just so extreme. And again, counter-productive, or ineffective, because of the kinds of sums these guys rake in. It’s basically a pay-to-pollute pass, if you consider the activities involved in running the NHL (which, again, literally keeps many people’s homes heated and stocked with food) to be “pollution”.

  3. Mario

    Hey Sleepy Old Bear check this out: This is a great way to scam people out of their money. Believe me, there are takers among middle class people and not only among Hockey players (that maybe are doing it as a publicity stunt).

  4. MA – it goes back to my point about paid indulgences. Offsetting your carbon by buying credits means one of two things: either you don’t truly believe that carbon emissions are a problem; or you are so arrogant that you can’t see your own hypocricy.

    My guess is that most of the people who support carbon credits don’t really believe deep-down that global warming is a problem; they simply feel guilty about participating in the freedom and affluence that the Judeo-Christian West has brought to the modern world.

  5. Boots

    Matt Stajan of the Leafs “smiles, awkwardly” when he admits he owns a BMW SUV. Says “You have to live your life”, but would be open to a hybrid in the future. The Post reporter, realizing the more Matt talks the harder the article becomes, adds these important eco-tips. He lives in a condo, he’s a “religious recycler”, and he’s a “believer in walking the one block to the corner store instead of hopping in his SUV”. No mention if it’s uphill… both ways!

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