All the non-news fit to print: Tories appoint Tories, Globe & Mail reports

From today’s Globe & Mail, via National Newswatch, “Tory connections lead to top jobs”, by Campbell Clark, Globe & Mail, December 8, 2007:

OTTAWA — The Conservative government appointed a raft of Tories to federal boards, agencies and as citizenship judges yesterday.

At least seven of the 11 appointments yesterday to the National Film Board, Via Rail, the CDIC, two shipping agencies, and citizenship judgeships, went to people with Tory links. They include a former MP, a former Manitoba MLA who now works for a Conservative MP, a former Canadian Alliance candidate, and advisers to federal and provincial Tory ministers.

Two questions: who the hell does the Globe think they should have hired, Liberals? And who are those four non-Conservative appointments?

You can rest assured: the Liberals would never have appointed even a single non-politically-aligned person to a patronage appointment. If you want news, that’s it.

The implication of the Globe is clear: the Conservatives are abusing their power by appointing Conservatives to patronage positions. A more absurd storyline, I’ve never heard – and yet, to a certain segment of the population, the narrative makes perfect sense. To the Globe and Mail, the Conservatives are only in government because the Liberals are on a time-out; that they have the temerity to actually govern, is beyond the pale.

So how do these numbers look to you, Globe?

2001 Monday-Friday Paid Circulation: 368,857

2007 Monday-Friday Paid Circulation: 329,099



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2 responses to “All the non-news fit to print: Tories appoint Tories, Globe & Mail reports

  1. MA

    Ha, ha! Yes, I agree: it definitely feels like the Liberals and their friends in the media are treating the results of the last election as a time-out. So very pompous!

    And the numbers say it all.

    And hopefully they will in the next election too!

  2. Good article. Looking forward to seeing you write much more about this subject.

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