Quick Post: 9/11 Site; Iggy the Arrogant; Nazi-Fighting German Aristocrat

You may have noticed that my posts have been few-and-far-between recently. With work and home commitments piling up, this amateur blogger simply hasn’t had much time to spare. The forecast: light blogging through the end of 2007, with flurries of activity scheduled for January 2008.

Some great stuff I stumbled across over the weekend:

  • An amazing documentary aired last night on the Canadian National Geographic channel. “Bin Laden’s Spy in America” tells the surreal, horrifying, madenning story of Ali A. Mohammed, an Egyptian engineer and military man who, as a member of the Muslim Brotherhood and Egyptian Islamic Jihad (EIJ), was a key organizer, trainer, and planner of Al Qaeda throughout the 1980s and 1990s, brazenly roaming the world in support of Bin Laden while being known to the CIA the entire time. He’s rotting in the US prison system now; but he’s a great example of the haplessness of America’s intelligence services, and of the failures of every US administration to acknowledge the Islamist threat, from the beginning of the current Bush administration right back to the Jimmy Carter years. In following up on Mohamed online, I came across the site “The Complete 9/11 Timeline”, the most comprehensive encyclopedia of info on Al Qaeda and the road to 9/11 I’ve ever seen. I could spend all day on this site, with my mouth wide open.
  • Wanna-be Prime Minister Michael Ignatieff, hero to post-graduate social science pinheads everywhere, and muddle-headed carpetbagger to the rest of us, is now the self-appointed watchdog of Stephen Harper’s middle eastern policies:
    • “I want to watch Harper’s policy in the Middle East with an eagle eye and make sure he’s not foreclosing opportunities that Canada can exercise here,” Ignatieff said. “To the degree that the tragedy in the Middle East divides Canadians, it’s a very, very urgent matter for a Canadian politician to have a feel for what happens here so that he cannot say things or do things that divide Canadians against each other.”

er…ah…WHAT??!? This comes from the mouth of a man who called Israel’s actions in Lebanon in 2006 “war crimes”. Yet another reason why I don’t take this man seriously as a threat to a Conservative majority.

  • Kudos to the Toronto Star for the second time in a week! A wonderful profile in yesterday’s edition of Sarah Niemoeller von Sell, daughter of an aristocratic German family who took the courageous path as a young woman and stepped away from her peers, fighting the Nazis and saving Jews, before escaping to the American front in 1944. Now a convert to Judaism, she’s coming to Toronto to speak this week as part of Holocaust Education Week. A true hero.

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One response to “Quick Post: 9/11 Site; Iggy the Arrogant; Nazi-Fighting German Aristocrat

  1. Hi Iggy,
    What’s an old flagman do running on hot boxes?
    Have you never noticed that you haven’t the foggiest idea, about which you witter?

    Good on Yr. Mite, boreal

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