CTV.ca takes cheap shot at Finance Minister Jim Flaherty

CTV gets sophomoric:

CTV takes cheap shot at Jim Flaherty

An awful, cynical piece of bush-league journalism, unworthy of even the most amateur college paper. While there’s probably some room for criticism at Flaherty’s grandstanding press conference, running a photo like this shows both contempt for the position of cabinet minister, and contempt for the governing party. And, as a swipe at Flaherty’s diminutive stature, it displays the comedic sophistication of a 12-year-old boy.

UPDATE Oct. 24 3:25pm EDT – Wouldn’t you know it, the notoriously feverishly-Harper-hating, sophomoric, kiss-of-death politician, Garth Turner, is using this very picture as part of his daily campaign of personal smearing of his parliamentary colleagues on his blog.

Way to go, CTV. A serious news organization, you’re apparently not.



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5 responses to “CTV.ca takes cheap shot at Finance Minister Jim Flaherty

  1. hugh ryan

    I work for an airline and am heartened to see more and more passengers when no more National posts are left,prefer to read nothing than the Globe,your news program because of it’s anti conservative slant is more and more irrelevant.Come election time,ctv will see that it has no influence on anyone with half a brain,which is alot more of the population than ctv gives credit for.I for one would rather watch info-mercials than the crap ctv doles out.

  2. Antenor

    Isn’t it great to see these $200,000 a year executives that edit shots like these get taken down by the internet. This one ranks right up there with the Star shot of Harper under the crown. Worked for the Star twenty odd years ago, had to quit couldn’t stand the sanctimonious attitude.

  3. Quaduce

    You just don’t seem to get it, do you. The grand standing that our minister Flaherty presented us with the other day made no economic sense, it simply goes to show again that our finance minister
    Should go back to school; perhaps, Eco 101 for starters. Does he really think the business community is keeping prices inflated to scam Canadians? Maybe a course in Bus 101 should be added to his schedule.

  4. Quaduce: this was not a post about Jim Flaherty, and this response won’t be about your punctuation problems. This was a post about CTV. You don’t seem to get it, do you.

  5. EmZi

    Antenor — the internet’s really helping to defeat and defy the lefties who get paid handsomely for reporting one angle of anything.

    Quaduce — if CTV wants to take on the Minister’s policies, it should do so verbally, attacking his ideas, not his person. But that would assume they had integrity, or conviction in opposing arguments.

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