Sad News: Western Standard will print no more


RIP to a magazine that Canada sorely needs. No calls for government bailouts here…publisher Ezra Levant has dignity and class.

This is a sad day for those of us who fine-tuned our conservative chops through reading often brilliant commentary from the likes of Pierre Lemieux, Walter Williams, Thomas Sowell, David Warren, Salim Mansur, and, of course, the great Mark Steyn. Perhaps this says more about the state of magazine publishing in Canada; perhaps it reflects a failure to recover after the loss of editor Kevin Libin to the National Post last year; perhaps it simply lost its edge after the Liberals were finally removed from power in January 2006. Either way, the contribution was significant, and the mag will be missed. All the best to Ezra, an agressive, unafraid entrepreneur and intellectual in a nation dominated by weak-kneed mediocrity.


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One response to “Sad News: Western Standard will print no more

  1. Wm. L Hyde

    Oh my God! I’m still not recovered from losing Ted Byfield’s “The Report”. Now this! What’s to become of me?

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