Dalton McGuinty’s New Campaign Commercial: Not a Joke!

Is it just me, or is this the worst campaign commercial you’ve ever seen? Debuted – voluntarily! – by McGuinty as part of tonight’s Ontario Provincial Election leadership debate:

What message is he trying to convey here? “Hi, I’m a weasel.”? “Politicians must lie to get elected.”? “Don’t trust me.”? John Tory should be buying time to air this fiasco!



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12 responses to “Dalton McGuinty’s New Campaign Commercial: Not a Joke!

  1. GDW

    Very 90’s. McGuinty feels our pain; which, I suppose, he has the luxury of doing since he’s the guy who’s got our money. But this kind of schoolboy earnestness will probably work with Liberal voters, who, after all, think Bono Vox’s similarly emotive lyrical effusions are modern poetry. Oprah would approve.

  2. I suppose this is Dalton McEarnest.

    McWeasel and McLiar are unavailable for comment until after the election.


  3. Pissedoff

    McAsswipe will always be available

  4. Marci

    Unbelievable…. good luck deciding on THIS election!

  5. tawodi

    It’s really comforting to know that the United States does not have a monopoly on usefull idiots, like the ones who will probably re-elect this guy again, the same way they re-elected the “Bubba” here in the U.S. it made me sooooo proud to be an American…………………..

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  7. perservereundaunted

    I don’t think there’s any doubt the commercial is subpar and that just about anyone could’ve produced a more persuasive argument to vote for the man and what his party may or may not do if elected. Whoever wrote his speech should be fired forthwith, because he comes across as apologizing for his decisions.
    However, I find it refreshing indeed to hear anyone, especially a politician, show some accountability, honesty, and speak a few words of truth. These are qualities our society is sorely lacking, to the point I think we should all be ashamed.
    All the speechwriter had to put together is this: “Yes, I raised your taxes. I wish there was some other way, but I delivered what you, the voters, wanted and demanded – answers and immediate action to give people something they deserve as is their birthright. Decent health care. Join us as on an exciting journey, we rebuild our province and restore integrity and quality of life!”

  8. mhb


    McGuinty & Co. crowed about the deficit long before the election that won them the province in 2003, so his “suddenly” finding a deficit once elected is boilerplate hooey.

    In fact, the early projections were much higher than what McLiar eventually inherited. And – correct me if I’m wrong here, but I don’t think so – much of this tax heist was used as pay for severed nurses. I nearly went postal at that.

    He’s not taking “responsibility” for anything. All he whined in last night’s debate was “what a mess we’ve had to clean up after the Tories”.

    Please. Like John Tory said, you can blame the guy you’ve replaced for a few months, maybe a year, but after that, you’re in control; it’s now your ship to con.

    No accountability. No vision. No plan. Passing the buck. Whining for understanding and forgiveness.

    Tory could bogart Stephen Harper’s “Stephane Dion is Not a Leader” TV spots & dub them effortlessly for McGuinty.

    Besides, McGuinty has broken many more promises than the health tax; just talk to folks who expected to see an end to coal-fired generating stations, travellers waiting for toll rollbacks on the 407, taxpayers waiting for a balanced budget by 2007, parents with autistic kids, etc. etc.

    What a loser. If we re-elect this idiot on October 10th, we truly deserve him.

    mhb23re at gmail d0t calm

  9. efronin

    I’ll admit that I’m not a big fan of politicians, but I have to agree with persevereundaunted. I have never soon any politician even attempt honesty until this.

  10. philanthropist

    Teacher’s Pet Dolton McLiar is bankrupt in credibility.

  11. Arty

    “Join us as on an exciting journey, we rebuild our province and restore integrity and quality of life!”

    Four years of McGuinty and all that still needs to be done? I guess the first term is for raising taxes and the heavy lifting is left for the second. Fool me once.

  12. Mike d

    A liberal voter is a stupid uneducated voter…..period!

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