Louise Arbour: Leftist Lawyer, Liberal Lackey, Appeaser of Iran


Louise Arbour – product of Osgood Hall Law School in the late 1960s, Liberal Party appointee to the Ontario Court of Appeals and the Supreme Court of Canada – is now the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights. What does this mean? It means trafficking in moral equivalency, self-delusion, arbitrary justice, and lending legitimacy to thugs, dictators, and Islamo-Nazis around the world.

Comrade Louise’s latest outrage: Joining Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and the psychopathic inner circle of the Islamist regime of Iran in the front row of the Cuban-chaired “Non-Aligned Movement” at a “human rights” conference in Tehran. For the details on this outrage by one of our most contemptible ex-pats, I highly recommend reading this enlightening post by Anne Bayefsky, Editor of “Eye on the UN“:

While Arbour was hobnobbing with anti-semites, butchers and anti-democratic forces from around the world, Iranians were being prepared for public hangings. Arbour was reported by the Islamic Republic News Agency as having “expressed pleasure with being at the NAM meeting and described Iran’s representation office in the UN in Geneva as “very good.” In an unusual move, the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights has so far neglected to put her official statement on their website.

The day after Arbour left Iran the government felt sufficiently buoyed by their UN stamp of approval, that they executed 21 prisoners. People are executed in Iran for charges like “enmity against God” or “being corrupt on earth.”

Iran need not worry about the UN reaction after-the-fact either. Arbour is quoted by Iranian news sources as telling participants: “The new method of considering issues related to human rights is comprehensive and not selective and the UN Human Rights Council is ready to present technical and consultation assistance to Iran.” “Non-selective” is UN code for refusing to name states that violate human rights, let alone taking action to stop them. “Technical assistance” is UN code for helping the state avoid criticism by pretending the problem is some kind of infrastructure glitch. It has been clear for some time that the new UN Human Rights Council is bent on eliminating all country-specific criticism, (not directed at Israel of course). Now, apparently, Arbour agrees.

The disservice that has been done by High Commissioner Arbour’s trip to Tehran is enormous. A disservice to the families of the dead, and the tortured and the dead to come. A disservice to the real human rights advocates struggling to withhold credibility from the frauds. And a disservice to the principles, which have been torn up in the presence of the very individual charged with their care.

(H/T to LittleGreenFootballs and Canadian Coalition for Democracies)



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6 responses to “Louise Arbour: Leftist Lawyer, Liberal Lackey, Appeaser of Iran

  1. EmZi

    Another disgraceful export from Canadian law schools. Shame.

    This could also be filed under some sort of “Downside of Affirmative Action”.

  2. philanthropist

    The fact that this ignorant woman was a justice of the supreme court of Canada is truly disturbing – and a strong argument for an open system of appointments or elections or something for the supreme court.

    If she is any indication of the ‘talent’ on that court right now – then Canadians should be very afraid.

  3. MA

    “What does this mean? It means trafficking in moral equivalency…”

    I love it! (I mean the way you articulated that, not the actual trafficking of moral equivalency 🙂 )

  4. Permit me to share the limerick I posted on my blog:

    A Human Rights diva, Arbour,
    Had judgement exceedingly poor.
    She hooked up in Tehran
    With a very bad man.
    A beeyotch, yes,
    But also a whoore.

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