DISASTER ZONE! The Naomi Klein Onslaught Begins

Naomi Klein Pimps Disaster Capitalism

Oh lord. Here it comes. “Mansbridge One-on-One”? A sure bet. Front-page feature coverage at the Globe & Mail? Coming this weekend, I’ll guess. Launch-party coverage live on CP24? No doubt. The left half (believe-it-or-not) of Canada’s most nauseating socialist power couple, Naomi Klein, is back in business once again with a new 576-page anti-capitalist doorstopper, “The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism”.

This time around, the No Logo authoress spends more than 500 pages trying to convince you that free-market economists (with a particular hateful obsession with Milton Friedman, who due to his recent death is no longer able to defend himself) have allowed the evil corporate world to have their way with the world’s disaster zones at their most vulnerable moments, forcing these former utopias (Baghdad, New Orleans, 1970s Chile) into becoming part of some sort of Chicago-school-inspired world conspiracy. Skeptical, are you? Don’t be…she’s got…FOOTNOTES! From today’s Toronto Star:

The 560-page argument, which also deals with the privatization of post-communist economies in Poland, Russia and China, the reliance of the Israeli private sector on security-related entrepreneurship and other subjects, is bolstered by nearly 70 pages of footnotes, citing more than 1,000 sources.

“I expect the release of the book to be a battle. And the endnotes are my body armour,” says Klein, who will further defend her thesis during a public interview Thursday at the UofT’s MacMillan Theatre.

“When you are introducing ideas that are new and in some cases quite radical, you need major backup if you want to reach beyond a small section of the population. Hopefully, the people who don’t need as much convincing will bear with me because if the book were more anecdotal and less carefully sourced it would make it that much easier for the people who want to get me.”

Defensive much, Naomi? What, references to sources are supposed to bolster your self-hating hypocritical non-arguments against the very system that enriches you and your family? Bombarding your readers with footnotes is supposed to impress all your limousine liberal friends and anarchist acolytes – all of whom will waste their money on your book and never get past the acknowledgements?

Only an aging, intellectually-bankrupt paranoid leftist would start a major speaking appearance by unleashing vitriol at…right-wing think tanks!

The question that remains: will husband Avi Lewis give her a full half-hour when his notorious CBC Newsworld show, “On the Map”, returns in November (allegedly…)



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13 responses to “DISASTER ZONE! The Naomi Klein Onslaught Begins

  1. Laurence

    I’m confused. An article in August 31 Weekly Guardian by George Monbiot discusses exactly the same stuff, with exactly the same twist as Naomi Klein — including the same examples (Chile, Katrina, Baghdad, et al). However, he ascribes his learning to David Harvey’s book “A brief History of Neoliberalism.” Harvey traces his conspiracy back to Mont Pelerin and Friederich von Hayak. Klein focuses on Friedman, who, in fact, studied under Hayak and was present at the founding of the Mont Pelerin group.

    My question: which came first. And why are they coming together?


  2. Very interesting. The intellectual anticapitalist left is a small swamp, so it may just be a coincidence that both Klein and Monbiot have turned their (failed) sights on the Chicago School of economists. Or, perhaps there is a thread of conversation going around their circles that the way to reinvigorate the socialist movement is to discredit the free market system. That’s the left for you – always looking to tear things down, without regard for what will rise in its place.

  3. philanthropist

    Sorry, but she’s such an idiot that it is too hard to read about her.

  4. Terry from Baltimore

    Maybe Noami Klein has done on a larger scale what Alan Sokal did in 1996. Instead of producing an article of deliberate nonsense disguised in the post-modern terminology of the left, she has done him one better and written a book. In a few months, after the sales start to decline, she will reveal that it was all a hoax to take in the gullible left. Anyway, it’s an intriguing thought.

  5. Rick Ladd

    It’s refreshing to know Canada has its share of imbeciles and they haven’t all congregated down here in the lower 48; and I ain’t talking about Naomi, ladies.

    You’re far too cocksure of yourself on issues that haven’t the easy answers you build your circle jerks around.

    Dennis Prager, indeed. Makes me somewhat ashamed of being Jewish. Not really; we all need a few fundamentalists to remind us of just how foolish they all are – regardless of their religion.

  6. A jerk like you may have been born a Jew, but you’re certainly not one in reality, if your post above is any indication. Yours is the language of an atheist fascist.

  7. me

    All you can do is call her names and speak in generalities, because if you actually got into any of the specifics in her book (which, of course, you haven’t read) then you would be defenseless.
    It’s all so superficial and transparent – the only circle-jerking going on is places like your website where you have to edit out any differing point of views to keep yourself comfortably insulated in your own ignorance.

  8. So this is how you operate? Post anonymously as “me”, then throw around unfounded smears? If I’m ignorant, then you’re a fascist. Reveal yourself and we can debate. Coward.

    “me” is – IP: , c-76-105-206-141.hsd1.or.comcast.net

  9. Gillian

    I love Naomi Klein. We read some of her stuff in my college class. She’s amazing! Bashing her is kinda lame…

  10. Jack Hoff

    Sadly, conservatives are not critical thinkers. I have to deal with this everyday with the people I work with.

  11. You offer a baseless drive-by smear, and yet claim the high ground over conservatives? You’re a lightweight, Jack Hoff.

    As a fact, I am a very critical thinker. I have thought a lot about what Ms. Klein stands for, and I am very, very critical of it.

  12. Vic

    It seems whenever the right are attacked about anything, they automatically go to guns and assume that the “lefty” hates capitalism and everything about it, and since she makes money from it, she’s a hypocrite. It is not about capitalism per say but what the captitalists have done with their power and money that make it all an injustice to other “lesser” people. The war in Iraq being an example…

  13. Miguel Sanchez

    The research alone in this book proves that Klein is quite brilliant, regardless of your political leanings. Calling her an idiot really just reflects poorly on yourselves..

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