See You In September! A first-six-months review of Flaggman’s Canada


Flaggman’s Canada is now on hiatus until after Labour Day ’07. It has been a fun, and modestly successful, entree into the blogging world, but between work obligations and family vacation, I’ll be putting aside my WordPress activities until the fall.

Above is a screen capture of the basic blog stats, as of 12:00 am, August 7, 2007. With nearly 25,000 unique site visits, this blog has averaged over 130 visitors per day. Over the past two months, it’s been a rare day when less than 150 readers have stopped by. Is this significant? I really don’t have a point of reference, other than to say it’s a huge improvement from the earliest days in February, when 10 visits was a big day.

I’ve had a blast taking potshots at leftists, politicians, potheads, abortion fans, enviro-cranks, Maher Arar kool-aid drinkers, incompetent judges, Justin Trudeau and Avi Lewis. Here’s ten of my favourite moments of the first six months of Flaggman’s Canada:

1) The comments generated by the March 9 posting that featured Joan Leishman’s CBC report on the Jihad against radical Muslims in Canada. Over 40 posters weighed in, including two men featured in the report itself, Tarek Fatah and Mubin Shaikh.

2) Helping make UK Channel 4’s “The Great Global Warming Swindle” the talk of the ‘net back in March and April. While Al Gore’s “Live Earth” debacle in July was truly the “Jump the Shark” moment for the global warming fad, this great documentary helped start turn the tide, bringing skeptical scientists into the debate that Gore prematurely declared over.

3) Capturing Rex Murphy’s anti-environmentalist rant from CBC’s The National back in April, posting it to Youtube, exposing thousands to some good old fashioned common-sense mockery of the carbon pimps and celebrity hypocrites.

4) Drawing in some true potheads last month to feebly defend regular long-term marijuana use against a damning UK study that links it to psychosis and delusions in later life. As poster “alex” so eloquently put it…

4 properties in Canada,2 in the US.
Gotcha! I am a deviant Pot smoker.
And to sum things up ,I also employ 50 people in Ontario.
No i do not condone the use of pot .
But give it up already!

5) Capturing from CBC’s Mansbrige One-on-One, and posting to Youtube, Israel’s Prime Minister Ehud Olmert paying great compliments to our Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, back in late April. Whatever you think of Olmert, this has to make you feel good about PMSH and his attempts to bring a principled foreign policy to Canada.

6) Keeping up a lonely voice in the wilderness as a rational skeptic on the Maher Arar affair. My favorite (but not the most popular, by any means) blog post to date is this one from March 28th, which raises many questions that the mainstream media refuse to ask about Maher, Monia, Mathworks, and Many Muslim friends. This story ‘aint over, folks.

7) Capturing this video clip from the Liberal Party of Canada web site, and posting it to YouTube, featuring Stephane Dion making an awkward and incomprehensible July appearance at the Calgary Stampede. No wonder you’re in no rush to force an election, Libs – this is who your hopes rest upon!

8) Digging up this YouTube clip last month of a man who some day hopes to succeed Dion as leader of the Liberals, Justin Trudeau, spouting ten minutes of coma-inducing socialist cliches to a group of adoring young zombies at University of Waterloo. This one followed the form of my first perfect-formula-for-a-spike-in-traffic: a) find a video clip of liberals acting ridiculous. b) embed the video into a posting, with some clever mocking commentary. c) e-mail the link to Kate at Small Dead Animals and let the sparks fly!

9) My brush with greatness – having a Lizardoid at Little Green Footballs link to my posting on June’s amazing dustup between Ayaan Hirsi Ali and little Avi Lewis. LGF’s Charles Johnson, along with Kate at SDA, Michelle Malkin, and Jihad Watch’s Robert Spencer, is my most significant blogging influence.

10) Connecting with “fellow travellers” from around Canada and the USA who share my sensibilities, opinions, and way of thinking. From regular readers, to fellow bloggers, to newspaper columnists, to courageous anti-Islamists, there are about 15-20 individuals whose interractions with I have truly cherished, and who will hopefully continue to help build this little corner of the web into a community that will grow and prosper in the months and years ahead!

Until September..




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3 responses to “See You In September! A first-six-months review of Flaggman’s Canada

  1. alexb

    Thanks for all your work.
    I visit each and every day.

  2. Mario

    Have a good break,
    Re-load and keep aiming well.

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