Pierre Trudeau voted Worst Canadian: Beaver Magazine


Bingo! My vote counted… The Beaver magazine, Canada’s national history magazine, took a poll; the blogosphere reacted; and Pierre Trudeau was voted the worst Canadian of all-time. Not only was Trudeau’s victory a win for the right; the third place selection, Dr. Henry Morgentaler, Canada’s pioneering abortionist who brought us the amorality of our legislative vacuum on fetus killing, was a victory for social conservatives, placing him higher than the left’s choices of Brian Mulroney, Stephen Harper, and Conrad Black. Here’s the top 12 (and no, I have no idea who Chris Hannah is…)




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20 responses to “Pierre Trudeau voted Worst Canadian: Beaver Magazine

  1. Michael Lewis

    “Bingo, my vote counted , a victory for the right…”
    Yes, you and the others who “voted” have moved the Canadian political tectonic plates, and the media in every known solar system should be alerted. Talk about being an utterly delusional, self-absorbed, bitter little megalomaniac. Here’s the hard truth: You don’t count, nobody’s life will change one jot, tittle, or iota in any direction, left, right, up, down, inward, or outward, because of your little fit at the “polls”, or because of this outcome. Celebrate on, in your own puny mind! LOL!

  2. Did someone say “bitter”? I invite anyone to judge who the bitter one is, based on my post and Mr. Lewis’ response.

    As for the bile spewed forth in your comment? Bring it on, I welcome the angry left to expose itself here for what it tuly is.

  3. There are a number of books and authors who are now being banned because radical Islamists are threatening publishers and book retailers not to publish them/carry them.

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    3. A Request:

    Do you have time sometime to call Sorya Gaulin, the Media Relations Director at Chapters (416-364-4499) to ask her for a comment on the Human Rights case and the other law suit by the Publisher? In Canada, everyone is afraid of them, because they have 73% of the retail book market, and every newspaper needs their advertising dollars, and so they feel that they can do whatever they want. A call from foreign press, or Canadian organizations, at least shows somebody is paying attention……



  4. Matt F

    Just so you know, Chris Hannah is the guitarist/singer for Canadian punk band Propagandhi.

  5. Annie

    Luka Magnotta needs to be number one on the list absolutelt. WORST CANADIAN.

  6. ronpaul2008

    that is complete and utter bs.
    Pierre Trudeau was the best Canadian PM we’ve EVER had.
    if you think otherwise you’re fucking dumb.
    Fucking Dumb.

  7. Thanks to your eloquent analysis and all the evidence presented, I must now take it all back and accept that Pierre Trudeau was indeed the best Canadian PM we’ve EVER had. Because you said so.


  8. trudeau

    Trudeau was an extraordinary prime minister he was and still is remembered greatly!!!!! I call Stephen Harper the worst prime minister ever!!!!!

  9. Eden

    Yes, what a terrible person. He only altered divorce laws, legalized contraception, and introduced the charter of human rights.

    Seriously, before you slam him, sit back and think about what life would be like without the work he did.

    I can honestly say I can’t think of any person who ever made me prouder to be Canadian.

    Do some research and open your mind a bit.

  10. Will

    The fact that the extreme right voted for Trudeau as worse then Bernardo/Homolka is sickening…ppl like you are a disgrace to what is “Canadian”. There is no debating that Pierre Trudeau was perfect because he was not, no one is, but the good he did for this country far outweighs the negatives. I for one have very fond memories for Trudeau and will always be the GREATEST CANADIAN. Also sickening that a racist clown like Don Cherry was near the top. I’d rather live in a Social-democratic country then what the United States is and what YOU clearly want. The little picture at the top about Liberal Arts Graduate also shows the immaturity of yourself.

  11. Will

    Referring to Don Cherry near the top of the Greatest Canadian….pathetic.

  12. britt

    whats with you guys thats my great great great uncle

  13. Jesse

    how can you say theses things about one of our own prime ministers? its easy to just sit back and critisize what someone has done but what did you do ?

  14. Julia

    I just don’t understand why people think pierre trudeau was the ‘worst’ canadian?

    I think he was a genius and did many things for our benefit…

    He DID disregard many of other people’s opinions, but his resultant decisions that were made despite the advice of others turned out pretty good.

  15. Pierre Trudeau has turned this fine country into a cess pool of shit!

    His “multi-culturalism” bullsh*t has festered into a culture of self-segerated ghettos with people who have no interest whatsoever in becoming Canadian, save for the fact of free handouts.

    Not to mention he decriminalized homosexuality, that alone should have had him strung up as a traitor back then!

  16. John Carrick

    Reputable studies have shown that extreme conservatives are highly fearful, antagonistic, and dogmatic.
    In addition they easily tolerate inequality.

    Identifying oneself as a member of the far right is to confess to at least a major character flaw and probably to having a mental illness.

    The extremist individual who has been running off at the mouth here knows exactly *what* he thinks, but hasn’t the slightest idea *why* he thinks it.

    Such people are incorrigible. We must solve the problem of having them around us one funeral at a time.

  17. Johnny McGowan

    Quite frankly, this is absolutely disgusting.

    Trudeau AND Chretien? Unbelieveable! Trudeau was without a doubt our country’s BEST prime minister. HE decriminalized homosexuality. HE saw us through the October Crisis. He actually had a damned personality, unlike our current prime minister, who is basically a politically dumb version of Spock with lego-hair.

    I think there’s a reason this magazine is called “The BEAVER.”

  18. Brian

    Dumbass, don’t you understand if it were not for Pierre Trudeau we would still be in the British constitution? Also he promoted multiculturalism and allowed Canadians to accept other races, so please explain to me because I do not see how he is the worst Canadian. He also decriminalized homosexuality and liberated divorce and abortion laws. In schools children are taught how he is the most important Canadian in history, I don’t know what kind of “Canadian” magazine this is.

  19. bob

    Trudeau Is A complete Ass hole. He only cared bout Quebec because he was a dumb ass french man!!!! He was a fag!!!!

  20. Howard

    Trudeau was the best leader this country has EVER had.No one in the politcial world today is half his equal, he had balls, something lacking in this ass kissing bunch in Ottawa , will see some of the same from Justin, born Canadian royalty to me, one of Canada,s first son,s He will be Pm,

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