Flaggman vs. Queer-Liberal on Outremont By-Election: It’s On!


Well, the by-election for Outrement (Montreal’s tony Westmount riding) is set for September 17, and the Conservatives are looking for a bellweather victory there that could indicate the country is ready for a Harper majority. They have recruited a very respectable candidate – and a brawler, to boot! A lawyer, father of seven, and a career diplomat who has lived around the world, Gilles Duguay has stepped into politics for the first time with both guns blazing. Here’s his take on Stephane Dion (from CBC News):

“I’m telling you, if you read his CV, the man has been in cabinet since 1995, and if this university professor, descendant of a famous university professor, didn’t know anything about the sponsorship scandal, I suggest you ask him whether he knew anything or not,” he said.

Good point – and one that Liberal kool-aid drinkers certainly don’t like to hear. Blogger “Queer-Liberal” (Torontonian Matt Guerin) wrote a bizarre defense of Dion and attack on Duguay, which I directly challenged him on last Saturday afternoon. You can read the exchange here on Matt’s blog.

In the end, I issued a wager challenge, which he accepted: if Liberal Jocelyn Coulon – in typical Dion-era fashion, a far-left University professor with a history of throwing dirt on America and Israel in the press – wins the Outremont by-election, I will turn Flaggman’s Canada over to “Queer-Liberal” for a guest posting on gay rights. If Duguay and the Conservatives win, I get to take over “Queer-Liberal” for a guest posting on the Islamist threat.

My reason for optimism here in this traditional Liberal stronghold? Both the left-leaning Jewish secular elite, and the right-leaning Jewish orthodox community, are heavily represented in Westmount, and both are thrilled with Stephen Harper’s performance so far. The B’nai Brith of Montreal has already called for Coulon’s removal as the Liberal candidate – something which simply isn’t going to happen, leaving the Jewish community free to leave the fold – and the only alternative is the Conservatives (the Bloc and NDP are even worse on Israel). And, the linking of Dion to the sponsorship scandal is Harper’s ace-in-the-hole which the Conservatives believe – rightly so – will destroy Dion’s chances in the province of Quebec.

That being said, it’s a longshot – so if you see an out-of-character post promoting gay rights and bashing conservatives on September 18, you’ll know why…



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4 responses to “Flaggman vs. Queer-Liberal on Outremont By-Election: It’s On!

  1. Terry from Baltimore


    Are you confusing Outremont and Westmount? From my time in Montreal in the late 70’s, I remember Outremont as the area north of the Mountain in the neighborhood of the University of Montreal. I remember Westmount as the area just east of NDG (Notre Dame de Grace) in the western part of the city on the south side of the Mountain. If I’m confused, please clarify.

    As for your debate with Queer-Liberal, you wrote

    “I will turn Flaggman’s Canada over to “Queer-Liberal” for a guest posting on gay rights. If Duguay and the Conservatives win, I get to take over “Queer-Liberal” for a guest posting on the Islamist threat.”

    If Queer-Liberal and his readers can’t see the connection between the Islamist threat and gay survival, nothing you can write would change his mind.

  2. Your Montreal geography is surely better than mine, so you’re probably right, they are different areas – although as I understand, Outremont does have a large Jewish population, including Hassidim. I believe the analysis still stands.

    Regarding the connection between the Islamist threat and gay rights…they may not understand it now, but at least they’ll see the truth if I win the bet. Probably won’t change their minds, though.

  3. Hey flaggman,

    I welcome healthy and fun discussion. The by-election will be interesting. I still think I got the better deal because the Tories ran a great candidate in Outremont in 2006 and still only got like 12% of the vote. Outremont voters are so committed to the Liberals they even elected Jean Lapierre twice (okay I’m being tongue-in-cheek here.)

    The real fight just might be between the Libs and the NDP in this race. If the NDP wins it, we’ll both be out of luck I guess, unless we get a Dipper in on this bet soon…haha.

  4. Anon.

    Westmount is a rather different part of the city than Outremont, which is located roughly north and east of it. Outremont is best thought of as the French-Canadian equivalent to Westmount. However, the Outremont riding’s boundaries are rather larger than those of the borough (former city) of Outremont, and take in a portion of the Côte-des-Neiges neighbourhood, to Outremont’s west, and the so-called Mile-End neighbourhood, to Outremont’s east. Mile-End and, particularly, CDN are fairly studenty and immigrant neighbourhoods.

    Outremont proper combines members of the French-Canadian elite with a growing population of Hasidic Jews and a not-insigificant number of non-Hasidic Orthodox Jews. There are few secular Jews in the riding, save highly-assimilated ones who have chosen to locate far from the neighbourhoods (Côte St Luc, Ville St-Laurent) when Montreal’s dominant, less-than-highly-religious Jewish communities congregate.

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