10 Minutes You’ll Never Get Back: Socialist Platitudes from Justin Trudeau

**Note to my American readers: This guy thinks he’s going to be Prime Minister some day (as do many in the Liberal Party). He’s like our version of John Edwards, only he’s sincere, which makes him far scarier.

Want to waste 10 minutes of your life listening to mythological Canadian cliches, environmental scare-mongering, socialist rhetoric, anti-Americanism, and authoritarian narcissism from a preening pseudo-intellectual fool who loves to show off his lack of chest hair – and who, in the end, says nothing? Here he is, your Liberal party candidate for Papineau, Justin Trudeau! From a speech given at the University of Waterloo, March 2007:

If this guy actually motivates and impresses University students…then there’s something completely wrong with the youth of today. And if he motivates and impresses old Liberals…there’s something really, REALLY wrong with the Liberal Party of Canada!



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13 responses to “10 Minutes You’ll Never Get Back: Socialist Platitudes from Justin Trudeau

  1. Fred

    No doubt he believes all that liberal crap

    just another rich kid “intellectual” dilettante , much like his morally corrupt father who failed to answer the bell when his generations was called on to fight the dark forces of Nazi Germany.

  2. I lasted about 45 seconds before I lost consciousness.

  3. Sounder

    It took Pierre about 15 years to destroy this country. Another 5 or 10 with this poet / dreamer would do it in.

  4. Hilarity

    But he’s sooooooo cute!

  5. richfisher

    Pathetic that this is liberal Canada’s royalty.
    What a looser, I’m ashamed to say I attended the U of W.

    Zero response from the crowd is encouraging.

  6. I’m sure the esteemed Professor Elmasry, Waterloo’s most famous employ, enjoyed every word.

  7. alex

    I have maintained an extra 10 minutes!

  8. I lasted 3 minutes before I booted my monitor off my desk. I’ll show the vid to the IT guys, they’ll understand.

    I almost lost my lunch when he started to pick his nose…

  9. I made it through, brain damaged but conscious, this is terrible, the worst Televangelists convey more conviction, charisma & certainly entertainment value than this fool, (and make as much sense).

    It is a litany of empty headed twaddle, thank God he is a Liberal.

  10. It’s too bad that most people don’t understand that trying to align themselves with the right-wing elite only allows that small group to remain strong. It is definitely not in the best interests of ninety-nine percent of the population to encourage the one percent to even more power and wealth at the majority’s expense. Most thinking people should be actively involved in dismantling the multinationals & refuting the lies of neo-cons. Socialism is the best way for the majority…otherwise you are just in denial as to your place in this world.

  11. Synopsis: destructively self-deluded. Canadian multi-culti nonsense about a country “that matters”. I hope he runs: he typifies the country at large, like it or not.

    As a contemptible American, my comment is this: You guys deserve to elect this empty headed figurehead. It will show the rest of the world how self-important, yet ultimately useless you are in the real world.

  12. Kate Dyson – “Socialism is the best way for the majority…otherwise you are just in denial as to your place in this world”

    Kate, for millions Socialism has already clearly defined their place in the world – death & misery – anyone still clinging to this horrid ideology is in denial.

  13. Canuck in America

    So many of you are so pathetic. He is quite correct in what he says. Just because you are prejudiced against him because of his privilege and his father and his liberal politics does not change that. As for his lack of chest hair, so what? He’s not likely to smell all the time like so many men do. Someone should also learn how to spell loser as well.

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