Tanzeem-e-Islami TV: Still on the air on Vision TV Canada


**e-mail Vision TV’s Audience Relations department and tell them what you think of the airing of lectures by “Doctor Jihad”, Israr Ahmad.

An update to the story reported over the weekend about Canada’s “Multicultural, Multifaith” cable television network Vision TV airing, among other Islamic propagandists, Muslim “Doctor-Gone-Wild”, Dr. Israr Ahmad:

The National Post’s Stewart Bell reports today that, a day after issuing a statement that made it appear Vision TV would abide by its own policies and remove violent racist propagandists from its lineup, the network ran Dr. Ahmad’s next lecture exactly as scheduled.

Here’s the statement that Vision TV’s President, Bill Roberts, released today (although a similar statement by Roberts already appeared in Saturday’s National Post). Is Roberts a dissembler, a liar, an ignoramous, an ideologically-blinded multi-cultist, or simply someone who won’t stand up to the Islamists that finance his Saturday afternoon schedule? You decide…

Re: National Post article “VisionTV defends airing ‘jihad’ lecture,” July 20

I condemn any reference to or suggestion of holy war or violent jihad by any group. I regret that Mr. Israr Ahmad’s statements may have conveyed such a suggestion, and we will redouble our efforts to ensure that it does not happen again.

VisionTV wishes to make clear that this organization in no way condones or defends any speech that advocates the waging or financing of violent activity in the name of jihad.

VisionTV unequivocally rejects all violence – or support for violent activities – in the name of religious faith. Furthermore, VisionTV condemns in the strongest possible terms any speech derogatory of particular religious, ethnic or cultural groups.

Any statements by Mr. Ahmad that infer or encourage violence are not and will not be defended by VisionTV. Such statements run counter to our mission and long-standing track record of celebrating, reflecting and respecting Canada’s many faith communities.

VisionTV subjects all of its programs to intensive scrutiny. Should any program be found in violation of VisionTV’s Code of Ethics, it will be withdrawn from the air immediately.

VisionTV regrets that Mr. Ahmad’s statements may have offended viewers’ perceptions of our channel, and will not permit further remarks of this nature to be broadcast.

Bill, you can’t have it both ways – clean up your Muslim programming, or change your code of ethics to reflect a new double standard. But whatever you do, open your eyes and grow up!

Postscript: here’s my letter to Vision TV’s audience relations department:

To: audience@visiontv.caSubject: Dil Dil Pakistan on Vision TV

Dear Vision TV,

I would like to know why Dr. Israr Ahmad is still preaching on Vision TV. Surely you know that his Tanzeem e Islami organization is a fanatical Jihadist movement with the stated purpose of overthrowing the Pakistani government, bringing Taliban-style governance, and spreading the revolution around the world.

As a non-Muslim, I believe my human rights are being violated by having this violent hatred promoted on my television. I expect a prompt and serious response.


Neil Flagg 



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5 responses to “Tanzeem-e-Islami TV: Still on the air on Vision TV Canada

  1. File a complaint with the CHRC! That and a $1.50 gets you a coffee.

  2. “VisionTV subjects all of its programs to intensive scrutiny. Should any program be found in violation of VisionTV’s Code of Ethics, it will be withdrawn from the air immediately.”

    Clearly Islamofascism falls within Vision TV’s code of ethics;)

  3. Rehan

    Mr Neil Flagg…..don’t your so called human rights get hurt when innocent people die in iraq, afghanistan, palistine…..when you try to misuse your so called freedom of speech…you liars and hipocrates!!!!!

  4. azam

    Dr Israr Ahmad is a true muslim leader that his struggle for peace in the whole world in a right way.

    . today a group of people that control the whole world ,they killed peoples for there own intrest.

  5. vision tv, a zionist run television is running the agenda of freemasons. togather they all will burn in hell. InshaAllah

    They (The cristians and the jews) plan and Allah plans and Allah is best of planners (Al Quran)

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