Peter MacKay & Josee Verneer: Proudly Supporting Moderate Terrorists of Fatah


Peter MacKay’s Champions of Moderation: Yasser Arafat’s old FATAH Crew

UGH! Hat tip to the Canadian Coalition for Democracies for bringing this to my attention within minutes of its release. From Foreign Affairs & International Trade Canada:

July 23, 2007 (10:15 a.m. EDT)
No. 97


Ahem…what “new” Palestinian government? Oh, Mahmoud Abbas’ “new” government that excludes Hamas only because Hamas slaughtered its partner out of Gaza…

The Honourable Peter MacKay, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Minister of the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency, and the Honourable Josée Verner, Minister of International Cooperation and Minister for La Francophonie and Official Languages, today announced support to the new Palestinian government.

Josee Verner is part of the announcement? But, you say, Lebanon has nothing to do with this, and Israel and surrounding territories have no connection to the French world! Ah…but Francophones in Quebec love the psychopathic Palestinian cause. Electoral politics, maybe? Naahhhh…(yah). 

“The Government of Canada welcomes the leadership of President Abbas and Prime Minister Fayyad in establishing a government that Canada and the rest of the international community can work with,” said Minister MacKay. “In light of the new Palestinian government’s commitment to non-violence, recognition of Israel, and acceptance of previous agreements and obligations, and in recognition of the opportunity for a renewal of peace efforts, Canada will provide assistance to the new Palestinian government.

Amazing – but haven’t we heard all this before? And are they saying the same things in Arabic as they’re saying in English? Petie – are you being naive, cynical, or just plain stupid? This kind of wishful thinking has gotten us nowhere.

We recognize the fundamental challenges facing President Abbas and Prime Minister Fayyad in such areas as governance and the rule of law, and hope that Canada’s support will contribute to much-needed reforms.”

Canada will make an immediate contribution of $8 million, through the Canadian International Development Agency, in direct support to the new government, by way of the Quartet-approved Temporary International Mechanism. Canadian assistance will focus on the priorities identified by Prime Minister Fayyad, including security and democratic, social and economic development.

 So, we’re giving them guns (security) and slush money (the endlessly-flexible “democratic, social and economic development”).

Canada will work closely with Prime Minister Fayyad, his government, Quartet members, and our regional and international partners to ensure that our contribution has both an immediate and sustained impact.

So, to monitor if our money is being spent wisely, we’ll…trust the oversight of the moderate terrorists we’re giving it to. “Oh yes, boss, we made good use of the democracy money, yes boss!”. 

“Canada is also very concerned about the humanitarian situation of the Palestinians, especially in Gaza,” said Minister Verner. “Canada will maintain its long-standing commitment to addressing the humanitarian needs of the Palestinian people, through a $1 million contribution to the International Committee of the Red Cross, whose activities will focus on the protection of civilians and non-food assistance to those most in need.” In the last fiscal year, Canada provided more than $30 million in humanitarian assistance to Palestinians, including refugees.

And what good has that money done? Sixty years of “humanitarian assistance” has gone down a giant sinkhole. These are the world’s first permanent refugees – way to go, UN.

Canada will also continue to provide assistance in areas where it can be most effective, such as helping to reduce poverty, promoting democracy, supporting reform of the security sector, and contributing to the U.S. Security Coordinator’s mission. Canada is also exploring opportunities for partnership with the EU in police training and capacity building.

Slush, slush, garbage, garbage. EU Police training? Don’t make me laugh. 

– 30 –

For further information, media representatives may contact: 

Foreign Affairs Media Relations Office
Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada

Nicole Lascelle
Director of Communications
Office of the Minister of International Cooperation

Media Relations Office
Canadian International Development Agency

I know Stephen Harper doesn’t believe in this stuff personally, but he’s either being overruled, or is making a crass political calculation. It’s a sad and pathetic world we live in when a conservative politician sends millions to terrorist thugs, and is noteworthy only because he held out longer than the rest of the civilized world, who started resuming the flood of cash almost a month ago.

I’ll ask this question every time I write a post about Canadian foreign policy: what Canadian interest does it serve to send any “aid” money to any foreign thugocracy?


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