Vision TV’s Islamic Saturdays: Inciter at 3:00; Dissembler at 4:00


Mindy Alter, Toronto’s most prolific pro-Israel letter-to-the-editor writer, stirred up a hornet’s nest earlier this week when she complained to Canadian cable station Vision TV about the content of its Saturday afternoon show “Dil Dil Pakistan” – specifically, its airing of a Jihad-inciting lecture by Pakistani Sharia-revolutionary-preacher, Dr. Israr Ahmad (yes, a former medical doctor…do I see a pattern emerging?). (You can see the somewhat-promising, somewhat-equivocating response of Vision TV President Bill Roberts here).

Good on you, Mindy, because it seems there’s plenty to delve into regarding Vision’s Saturday-afternoon Islamathons. Right after “Dil Dil Pakistan” at 3:00pm comes “Let the Qu’ran Speak”, a weekly series of Dawah (proselytizing) lectures by Shabir Ally, hosted by his daughter, Safiyyah Ally.

You can view recent episodes here at the show’s web site, I also took a look at Shabir Ally’s web site (no, he’s not a doctor…he’s a self-taught Islamic scholar from a moderate Guyanese family). First item on his site? A link to a lecture entitled “Woman [sic] in the Bible”, in which he spends an entire hour responding to the question “what about womens’ rights in Islam” by attacking portrayals of womens’ rights in the Hebrew and Christian bibles. Designed to delegitimize the faith of “seekers” who are already disenchanted with their Jewish or Christian upbringings, it does not for a second mention the key difference: that the Koran and its mysogyny is still mandated to be the unquestioned, perfect guidance for its followers; while the mysogyny existing in the Jewish and Christian scriptures has been relegated to the dustbin of history, being stripped from Judeo-Christian observance for centuries now (not to mention that the Old and New testaments are meant to be questioned and interpreted by adherents – only the 10 commandments were written in stone!)

Lest you think, “oh, lay off, this is just entertainment and information for the growing Muslim community, let them have their show”, every show is interrupted by a message urging you to write to the show to receive a free Koran (an outreach that practicing Muslims certainly don’t need).

Is it appropriate to spread Taqqiyah and Dawah on Saturday afternoon basic cable in Canada? Is someone who defends his own faith by attacking other faiths be part of a “multifaith, multicultural” network? Plenty has been written about the mission and standards of Vision TV. I’ll leave it for you to decide. But here’s a direct quote from a Muslim-convert-turned-atheist-apostate-activist, whose entire fascinating story can be read here at KHALAS! blog:

Despite having close friendships with Muslims, my initial exposure to Islaamic subjects was via cable television. Airing on VisionTV, a nationwide Canadian multifaith and multicultural television network was a program called ‘Journey Through Islam’. Using material from the Islamic Information Service (IIS) based in California, this one-hour show featured conversion testimonials, documentries, interviews with scholars and thinkers (Maher Hathout, Muhammad Asad, Muzammil Siddiqi, Jamal Badawi, John Esposito, Yusuf Estes, Yusuf Islam, Hamza Yusuf, etc.), and snippets from Harun Yahya’s cunning videos on Creationism.

Another program was ‘Let The Qur’an Speak’ by Shabir Ally which featured mostly Qur’aanic lectures and interviews. ‘Reflections on Islam’ by Ezz E. Gad and ‘Call of the Minaret’ by Steve Rockwell also were influential to my indoctrination. Besides the wealth of Islaamic programs on VisionTV, the Christian CTS network aired ‘Islam Today’ with host Bashir Khan and ‘The Muslim Chronicle’ hosted by Tarek Fatah. Both programs featured local interviews, documentaries and educational material. With this wealth of Islaamic education, my heart and mind was won.

If you are so inclined, there’s plenty of Shabir Ally lectures to pore through online, including a dissembling attack on Irshad Manji from 2004 that I’m watching right now. You’ll find more of these videos here, including plenty of questionable lectures on Christianity, at Aswat al-Islam, and more recent episodes of his show at the link above.



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6 responses to “Vision TV’s Islamic Saturdays: Inciter at 3:00; Dissembler at 4:00

  1. Vision TV is a horror story.

  2. Good posts, Neil.

    Perhaps we should (1) create an online petition and (2) launch a co-ordinated effort by sending our complaints by e-mail and mail to Vision TV, regarding Dil Dil Pakistan.

    This reminds me of the recent blunder made by some Conservative, Liberal and NDP politicians at an annual Sikh parade. Unbeknownst to them, the religious festival was decked out with images of martyrs like Talwinder Parmar… the mastermind of the Air India bomb plot which took 331 lives in ’85!?!

    Then we have the LTTE or Tamil Tigers. The Liberals carelessly turned a blind-eye on LTTE fund-raising in Canada for ages until the Conservatives finally did something about it. Yet, just a month ago, politicians from the three largest political parties took part in a public rally with hundreds of Tamils who waved LTTE paraphernalia. This is the group that pioneered the suicide bombing technique now used against Canadian troops in Afghanistan.

  3. alex

    Plenty of Shite too see here .

  4. You are right Neil, this program was presented without disclaimer. They need to place an upfront advisory on it indicating the nature of its Islamist content or not air it at all.

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  6. Michael Devolin

    Israr Ahmad is as much a liar (and even more butt-ugly!) as his Muslim brother Haroon Sidiqui from the Toronto Star. Time does not permit me tonight to recount for you the confrontation I had with Mr. Sidiqui via e-mail regarding one of his many mendacious articles. Suffice to say that he asked me to “learn to be civil” and then we could have a dialogue. To which I replied: “Fuck you.”

    To hell with the disclaimer! Ban all Islamic vituperation from dissemination in Canada. Hey, better yet, ban all Muslims from entering Canada! No Islam: no terrorism. It’s just as Oriana Fallaci said, Muslims are trying to censor our Judeo-Christian culture!

    “There will be a decline in false sociology which tries to justify terrorism.” –Ajai Sahni

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