Ayaan Hirsi Ali vs. Avi Lewis: Video & Dennis Prager Analysis

My favorite public intellectual, Dennis Prager, devoted an entire hour of his syndicated radio show today to deconstructing the now-notorious Ayaan/Avi showdown. For a very worthwhile 34 minutes of listening, click here:

Dennis Prager deconstructs the Ayaan Hirsi Ali vs. Avi Lewis CBC interview (Townhall.com, 34 min.)

And, for ease of viewing, here’s an embedded YouTube video of Canada’s pseudo-intellectual Chomskyite tax-sponge Avi Lewis exposing his anti-American, anti-democracy psychosis on the great Ayaan Hirsi Ali, and having his head handed back on a platter:



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10 responses to “Ayaan Hirsi Ali vs. Avi Lewis: Video & Dennis Prager Analysis

  1. She is a real Lady. Avi Lewis could never ever dream to play in her league.
    She didn’t even stop smiling!

  2. Peter

    Here in The netherlands, on dutch TV the interview was mentioned as being devastating for Ayaan, the interviewer “wiping the floor with Ayaan”.

  3. WL Mackenzie Redux

    I’m so impressed with this lady’s remarkable intellect.

    She is obviously a very linear thinker and can pull up pertinent facts in a nanosecond and weave them articulately into a reasoned response.

    This superior intellectual quality was so seamless that Lewis accuses her of repeating mantras…because in Lewis’ low brow doctrinaire commie thinking, a black woman is incapable of this kind of thought that can best a male Bolshevik…I mean she’s a woman and black…that’s why we suburban white male left gave them extra rights because they’re so wretched they need our help.

    As the interview ended Lewis still didn’t get it…that he had been bettered intellectually and ethically bu this humble articulate little woman.

    Lewis… sod off and get a brain before you do any interviews that are not heavily stage managed….your intellect isn’t capable.

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