CBC’s Avi Lewis to Ayaan Hirsi Ali: C’mon, now, black girl, get back on the reservation!

Head on over to my kindred spirit BlazingCatFur’s blog to view one of the most outrageous – or, depending on how you look at it, one of the greatest – interviews ever to air on CBC:

“Ayaan Hirsi Ali scolds idiot leftist Avi Lewis”

The material is so rich and instructive, I’m going to find some time to completely deconstruct the entire clip sometime in the next week. In the meantime, just note that Lewis misrepresents major points in Ayaan’s bio during the pre-interview segment in order to delegitimize her, spews anti-Americanism like you’ve never seen before, and acts like a condescending, subtly-bigoted jerk after being smacked-down by the great Ayaan on a couple of major debating points.

It’s almost like he’s the popular guy who is so sure of his looks and moves, that when he gets turned down for a first date by a nice girl, lashes out at her disproportionately in self-defeating anger.

Or, perhaps, it’s like the racist Democrats who lashed out at Clarence Thomas in his Supreme Court confirmation hearings because he was a threat to their long-established propaganda narrative (blacks, vote Democrat, because you’re still oppressesd by the red-neck fat-cats in the Republican party).

Either way, it’s well worth nine minutes of your time.

Update: I think I’ve traced this back to its original source, this posting on Hotair.com. The comments section here is a great read, to see what Americans think of Avi Lewis and his parodical act.


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One response to “CBC’s Avi Lewis to Ayaan Hirsi Ali: C’mon, now, black girl, get back on the reservation!

  1. I look forward to your full analysis, a fellow blogger sent me the you-tube link – so I missed Hot-airs take- what a hoot in the comments! Amazing isn’t it? I am both fascinated & appalled at his behavior, I got the impression Ayaan was going to state something to this effect – “In my native language we do not have a word for someone so stupid and unmanly as yourself.”

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