Quote of the Year! Fred Siegel and the Heart of the Modern Liberal Pathology

My favorite quote of the year! From Fred Siegel‘s Wall Street Journal review of James Piereson’s “Camelot and the Cultural Revolution,” (a book which connects the spiral into lunacy of the modern left with its failure to come to terms with Lee Harvey Oswald – a leftist himself – as JFK’s killer):

It’s not reason that is at the heart of modern-day liberalism but rather the claim to superior virtue and, even more important, to a special knowledge unavailable to the unwashed or unenlightened.

Truer truth ‘aint never been spoke! If you’ve ever wondered why arguing with a liberal is such a fruitless endeavor, this sums it up – your adversary thinks he’s a better person than you, and better informed.

Dennis Prager usually says it this way: conservatives believe that liberals are simply wrong; liberals believe that conservatives are evil and stupid.



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5 responses to “Quote of the Year! Fred Siegel and the Heart of the Modern Liberal Pathology

  1. Could’nt says it better me self!

  2. MA

    Thx for posting this! There are definitely a few people I will be using this on. 🙂

  3. jo

    Strangely enough just tonight I found myself in a mudslinging match with a known leftist whom I had emailed after reading her piece on a person I don’t like much myself. However, her piece was just so overboard that I told her what I thought and advised her to get a life. She ignored my thoughts on her piece and replied only to my comment that she should get a life. My brain being missing in action at the time, I replied to her crap. Later I noticed another email from this person. My brain having returned by then, I sent this second email to my spam blocker without reading it. After all, to either read it, or worse, to respond to it, would only encourage her in her delusion of her own importance. Although I realize this was entirely my own fault for contacting a lefty in the first place, it is always nice to have my belief that lefties live in a completly different world confirmed.

  4. Terry from Baltimore

    I just finished reading Piereson’s book after hearing his interview with Dennis Prager. One implications of the book is that many liberals need a charismatic leader. FDR was the first one and a hard act to follow. When he died, liberals spent time in the wilderness with Truman and Stevenson until JFK came along. JFK was not only appealing but also young and vigorous, or so he seemed. When JFK died, they transferred their allegiance to Robert Kennedy, and would have done so to Teddy Kennedy were it not for Chappaquiddick. During the candidacies of LBJ, Humphrey, McGovern, Carter, Mondale, and Dukakis, they were always looking for a savior. How else can you understand the desperate appeal of Bill Clinton to many on the left?

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