Canada to Resume Funding to Fatah? Say it ‘aint so!

Cox & Forkum on Hamas and Fatah

Can someone explain to me why Canada needs to send tax dollars to Palestinians at all? (That’s not a rhetorical question – I really want to know what the imperative is – moral or otherwise.)

The Canadian Coalition for Democracies has it right: DON’T DO IT, HARPER! – keep your moratorium on Palestinian funding until truly tough conditions are met. From the CCD’s press release of today, Harper’s resumption of Canadian aid to Fatah repeats past mistakes:

The Canadian Coalition for Democracies has called for a resumption of aid to the Palestinians when the following conditions have been met: (1) the Palestinians have removed all hate and incitement against Jews and Israel from their education system and controlled media, (2) the Fatah/PLO and Hamas charters have been changed to eliminate the call for the destruction of Israel and the de-legitimization of Israel and Jews, (3) militants have been disarmed, and (4) all acts of terrorism against Israel have ended for a period of at least two years, with the understanding that any resumption of terror will immediate end the flow of aid. Prime Minister Harper must not accept any declarations of convenience from Fatah or Hamas – only meaningful action will be believed.

C’mon now, PM – just because Abbas is less in-your-face-psychotic than Hamas doesn’t mean he isn’t a Jew-hating, West-hating, dissent-slaughtering Marxist demagogue.

Mr. Harper, we know you read National Review…at least, you used to…

(from “Our terrorists are better than your terrorists” by Andrew C. McCarthy, worth a complete read:) Fatah is the creation of the late terror master, Yasser Arafat. It is currently led by Abbas, formerly Arafat’s close aid. When last we left Abbas, the administration’s favorite “moderate,” he was laying a wreath at The Great Man’s grave — the Palestinians, by the way, have turned the site into an Arafat shrine, telling us everything we need to know about them.

Abbas proceeded to urge a throng of 50,000 Palestinians to re-aim their guns at the “occupation” (that would be Israel) instead of turning them on each other: “[W]ith the will and determination of its sons, Fatah has and will continue,” he brayed. “We will not give up our principles and we have said that rifles should be directed against the occupation…. We have a legitimate right to direct our guns against Israeli occupation….”

That was less than six months ago — despite administration assertions on Monday that Abbas is “a partner who is committed to peace.” And none of it was a surprise. When Abbas was seeking election in 2005, he declared to a cheering mob in Gaza that Palestinian terrorists being sought by Israel were “heroes fighting for freedom.”



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3 responses to “Canada to Resume Funding to Fatah? Say it ‘aint so!

  1. alex

    I was under the impression suicide was illegal in Canada.
    Fatah will eliminate Israel by peacefull means.
    Yepp… Gotcha!
    And i Pay for this?

  2. Ugh, oh by the way I see our idiot friends at now officially support the Chapters/Indigo boycott.

  3. Dale

    Could someone explain why Alberta has to go to hell? Methinks it is full of eastern Canadian rhetorical and leftist BS.

    Respectfully yours,
    The new center of the universe.

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