Dr. Bilal Abdullah, Islamic Terrorist, Caught on Tape – BBC Footage

Some great citizen-filmed footage of the botched Glasgow Airport suicide bombing, from a BBC News report (h/t LGF). At the risk of being politically incorrect – you will never, in your lifetime, see a Medical Doctor from any other faith or group hauled shirtless and burned out of an explosives-filled car that he just helped drive into an airport terminal:

To all the good, moderate Muslims out there: sorry, but if you care about your faith, you’ve got to rescue your religion from the psychopaths. Whether you like it or not, whether it’s fair or not, this stuff reflects badly on every single one of you.



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7 responses to “Dr. Bilal Abdullah, Islamic Terrorist, Caught on Tape – BBC Footage

  1. I had not seen this before.

    I am so engaged by the Glasgow accents in the background and only Glaswegians would pile into the fight in their fag break. We have found it hard, living in or around Glasgow, to believe that this happened HERE.

    We can only think that these people – even if doctors – were mad. If you only knew the layout of the airport, you’d know that this is not the busy part of it. Normally the auto doors would open but they are broken at the moment. There is so much security just at this bit … you aren’t allowed to drive up to the terminal … so there was ample warning that someone was attempting something odd.

    My sister is a doctor and I KNOW that doctors are not the profession you would go to if you wanted something organised … they must have been DAFT!

  2. EmZi

    If they “rescue [their] religion” it’s not really that religion anymore.

  3. philanthropist

    “good, moderate muslims” don’t care if terrorism ‘looks badly’ on their faith – they have rocketed to the top of the ‘ethnic power’ pile in the civilized Western countries because their brethren are murderers.

    There is no downside for them, so why would they give up that power?

    Terrorism has worked out well for all Muslims and they know it – that’s why any Muslim that speaks out against terrorism is immediately threatened with death.

  4. EmZi, I’m not far off from where you are. But I can’t give up on the tiny chance that Islam can be reformed. It will have to be completely gutted and reinvented by apostate leadership, but it can’t just be eliminated from the earth. That is asking for the impossible.

    Hell, it’s probably impossible. But we can’t wish Islam away. Billions of people believe in it. We just have to try to convince as many of them as possible that it’s not a righteous path, and hope the entire structure is eventually undermined.

  5. Emzi


    I think I see what you’re saying, but I guess I’m just not convinced that’s logically or practically consistent. I mean, what parts of Islam can be gutted without losing its essence? Its rejection of God (*very* different from Allah)? Its acceptance of the Koran as a legitimate portion of God’s Word, when it contradicts both itself and the Jewish and Christian Scriptures that precede it (if it’s a continuation, it shouldn’t do that)? Its understanding of sin, eternal life, family life, violence, and, again, God? Sure, billions believe in it, but if these things are gutted from it, what’s left for them to believe, or why would they anyway? And how could we convince them of such non-Islamic Islam without suffering the consequences spelled out in the Books right now? I can’t really think of what would be left of it — hijab? timed prayers (to whom?) 5x a day? I hope you realize I don’t mean to be attacking you personally, just the idea that has so deeply taken root in our Western minds that religions can just be “reformed”, like statutes or something, and maintain their essence.

    The good news is that apparently tens of thousands are leaving it, even in the Middle East, often at great personal cost, usually to embrace Christianity (a most dangerous feat!).

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