Happy Canada Day: Appreciate Our PM!


PM Stephen Harper gave a short but fantastic speech today at the Canada Day festivities in Ottawa. In it he mentioned the founding of the “Dominion of Canada” – a reference to the biblically-inspired former name of our country and the former name of the July 1 holiday (Dominion Day, until 1982, when the Trudeau Ministry of Truth snuffed it out…). He mentioned “military leadership” while ignoring the classic liberal feel-good platitude “peacekeeping”; and he gave credit to God himself for creating our land of “natural wealth”.

Is Stephen Harper really a man who deeply believes in God and religious inspiration? Some doubt it. But should we, who do believe, care? No, we really shouldn’t. Because, even if he is truly a cold technocrat, we should take heart in the fact that we finally have a leader who panders to us, rather than to the pretentious faux-sophisticate urban elite who every other PM in my lifetime pandered to. And, while everything he has done in his first 18 months in office hasn’t been to our liking, it’s better than anything we’ve had in memory.

God Bless Canada, and thank you, Stephen Harper!


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