Mahmoud Abbas is no “Moderate”: Canadian Coalition for Democracies

My favorite public advocacy group, the Canadian Coalition for Democracies, wants to slow the fanatical rush Western governments have been in to elevate Fatah and Mahmoud Abbas – a.k.a. Arafat crony “Abu Mazen” – to the role of “Moderate Palestinian Leadership”, and opening the floodgates to billions of dollars in “aid” to this disastrous crew of phonies.

I agree wholeheartedly. Here’s their statement, released earlier today:

Fund Palestinian moderates, not Mahmoud Abbas

For Immediate Release
21 June 2007

Toronto, Ontario – Canada’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, the Hon. Peter MacKay, is correct to call for a moderate Arab Palestinian leadership. But Mahmoud Abbas is no moderate. Promoting Abbas as a moderate will once again prevent the emergence of any genuinely moderate Palestinian Arab leadership.

“Have we not learned from the 1990s when Arafat and his PLO cronies, including Abbas, were imposed on the Arab Palestinians under the Oslo Accords?” asked Alastair Gordon, president of Canadian Coalition of Democracies (CCD). “Arafat the ‘moderate’ immediately broke the terms of the Accords by building a war machine – bringing in arms, indoctrinating hatred and setting up a corrupt, oppressive, tyrannical kleptocracy. But just as treating Arafat as a moderate ensured that no truly moderate leadership could develop, today we are repeating the mistake when we know too well what the outcome will be.”

To this day, the Fatah governing charter denies a homeland to the Jewish people and calls for the elimination of Israel. Abbas has never begun to speak of a true peace to his people. Instead through his controlled media, he promotes anti-Jewish and anti-Western hate. Fatah received billions from the West and used the money, not for building a peaceful society, but to enrich its leaders and to create terror organizations. Hamas and the other terror gangs were a natural development of the tyranny funded by the West, and while Hamas has proven to be more efficient than Fatah, they are both hostile to Israel and the West. Today, as in the past, we are witnessing Fatah acting with the same barbarism as Hamas in Gaza. “So why,” asked Mr. Gordon, “should Canada and the West pretend Fatah is any better than Hamas? We have already witnessed the type of society Fatah establishes in areas it controls.”

Reversing years of failed policy is hard. But the need to recognize the results of the past decade and a half is clear. Michael Oren in The Wall Street Journal writes that “no progress toward Palestinian statehood can be made before Fatah has reformed itself financially, ideologically and structurally. This process is certain to take many years – longer if economic aid and political support are provided to the PA unconditionally.” In an article today, Andrew C. McCarthy writes, “But we oughtn’t be fooled: Fatah is still avowedly dedicated to the destruction of its neighbor”.

CCD calls on the Canadian government to maintain its embargo on funding the Palestinian Authority until the conditions of moderation are met. CCD believes Canada must encourage the moderate leadership we all hope for by demonstrating that we will never again betray Canadian values by bankrolling violent oppressors and teachers of hate. Canadians deserve a foreign policy based on truth.

Fatah Isn’t the Answer, Michael Oren, Wall Street Journal, June 20 2007

Our Terrorists Are Better Than Your Terrorists, Andrew C. McCarthy, June 21 2007



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2 responses to “Mahmoud Abbas is no “Moderate”: Canadian Coalition for Democracies

  1. It just gets worse. Are we allowed to use neutron bombs?

  2. Adam Keller

    So, since Abbas is not a moderate and Hamas are not moderates, so you can wait until the real Palestinian moderates appear or until the messiah comes (whichever comes sooner) and meanwhile Israeli occupation and opression of the Palestinians continue and settlement building continues and that certainly will not help foster moderation among Palestinians. Right?

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