Motley Crew of Jew-Haters in Downtown Toronto

These people are so proud of themselves, they post their hatred on YouTube! From last weekend’s sparsely-attended rally at Queen’s Park in Toronto:

Hilarious is the first speaker – an unhinged young chick who demands that the NDP invite representatives from the “Palestinian Unity Government” to make some sort of official state visit in Canada.

Here’s what Unity looks like in Gaza.



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3 responses to “Motley Crew of Jew-Haters in Downtown Toronto

  1. neo

    The “unity government” has its hands full right at the moment…

    One small correction here… regarding previous reports of a man tossed off a 12th floor building…

    “The battles came a day after two men were thrown to their deaths from high-rise rooftops, signalling a rapid descent into all-out confrontation.”

    As always, Allah is in the details.


  2. What a hoot, I see the Canadian Peace Alliance was well represented, what a sad joke.

  3. Idetrorce

    very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

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