Toronto Star’s James Travers: Omar Khadr is good because Fox thinks he’s bad

Perhaps the worst leftist bias in Canada comes from the keyboard of the Toronto Star’s James Travers. Case in point, his column about Canadian citizen-cum-Al Qaeda-teen-soldier Omar Khadr:

Ottawa–In a capital that talks constantly, the continuing silence over Omar Khadr reflects the fears of successive Liberal and Conservative governments that public protests wouldn’t help him, but would hurt Canada’s critical U.S. relationship.

As they have throughout Khadr’s detainment at the notorious American prison at Cuba’s Guantanamo Bay, officials here anticipate his eventual return. But they are keenly aware of the weight of evidence against the man accused of murdering a U.S. soldier while still a boy, and worried that the American gutter press will hype the story as new proof this country is a terrorist safe haven.

Labelled the “Fox Effect” after the tabloid U.S. network, that concern is so deeply rooted here that it helped persuade very different federal governments to use the same strategy.

This guy is unbelievable. Because he hates Fox’s point of view, he labels it “gutter” and “tabloid”, and uses THAT as some sort of support for Khadr! In other words, because Fox doesn’t like Khadr, he must be the good guy.

Read the whole column and try not to throw up. Khadr belongs in prison for a long, long time, and everyone knows it. The procedural wranglings are a farce. Unfortunately, Harper knows that the Canadian justice system will do its best to turn him loose as soon as it can, so he doesn’t want him here. At the same time, the U.S. doesn’t want to give up the murderer of one of its citizens. They’ll get it right eventually, and Khadr will return to Canada in about 20-30 years.

In the meantime, supporters like Travers only make themselves look like quislings and fools.



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8 responses to “Toronto Star’s James Travers: Omar Khadr is good because Fox thinks he’s bad

  1. Oh cripes almighty, I stopped reading the Star years ago for reasons such as this. I used to feel my blood pressure literally rise just looking at a copy from 10 paces. What an Ass Travers is.

  2. MA

    Yes, there are no (polite) words to describe the Star. Certainly, this article leaves me speechless. How naive, wilfully blind, ignorant, and/or self-loathing!

    Blazingcatfur — I can relate!

  3. neo

    Be sure to say hi, or maybe a hearty “allah akbar”… when he shows up in your Toronto neighbourhood… cos’ he’s just a misunderstood kid, right?


  4. spark

    Yeah, those procedural wranglings like habeas corpus and the Geneva convention… minor, inconsequential, technical things like that.

    Nobody knows Khadr belongs in prison, which is exactly the point. Even a kangaroo court, jerry-rigged to Bush’s exact specifications with MILITARY justices couldn’t find enough to convict these two. What, you going to call the United States Military treasonous, numbskull? People who believe those in Guantanamo are universally guilty by virtue of their detention – which funny enough is all we’re allowed to know about them because of “National Security” concerns – do so only with the most paranoid, sociopathic, hermetically sealed bubble-wrapped brains. But don’t listen to me, here’s some nobody named Edmund Burke to speak on it:

    “The poorest being that crawls on earth, contending to save itself from injustice and oppression, is an object respectable in the eyes of God and man. But I cannot conceive any existence under heaven (which in the depths of its wisdom tolerates all sorts of things) that is more truly odious and disgusting than an impotent, helpless creature, without civil wisdom or military skill, without a consciousness of any other qualification for power but his servility to it, bloated with pride and arrogance, calling for battles which he is not to fight, contending for a violent dominion which he can never exercise, and satisfied to be himself mean and miserable, in order to render others contemptible and wretched.”

    In other words, “Let the Great Writ stand”. That’s habeas corpus, just in case you might actually be curious.

    Famous, BRAVE words in the same ballpark as “Give me liberty or give me death”. Concepts you,
    “the poorest being that crawls on earth” proudly ignorant of the Enlightenment and its antecedents, will never, ever understand.

  5. spark

    Upon further consideration and for fear the sweet historical irony might sail over yours and your readers heads, Mr. flaggman, I’ll bet you a bottle of Laphroaig to a carton of Cheeto’s and a case of Mountain Dew you can’t identify the significance of invoking, specifically, Burke and this quote.

    Ready to test that hermetically sealed bubble-wrap?

  6. Did someone put out a call for boring, angry, miserable dissemblers? I sure didn’t. Go away and play in your own sandbox, Spark. You are dull as a butter knife, and I’m not interested in your wanky challenges.

  7. philanthropist

    James Travers has the dumb.

  8. Jamie Bond

    Dont be so ardent to judge others Flaggman, same goes for others since you too are a commentator…the truth is that all you guys can do here is comment…and none of you were there in the firefigth to know for a fact if accussed is guilty or not…justice will be served if the evidence is up to measure and if the trial is fair…wheter hes guilty or not the fact stands that there were risks involved,theres lots of casualties and theres lots of contradictions…

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