National Post’s Idiot Columnist: Don Martin Slanders Celil to Attack Harper

don_martin.jpgWhile it is certainly one of the finest daily newspapers in North America, The National Post ‘aint perfect. Washington correspondent Sheldon Alberts is a herd-mentality Bush basher, while Middle East correspondent Matthew Fisher often falls for the clear anti-Israel, anti-American demagoguery endemic to the region. But by far the worst is Don Martin, “National Affairs Columnist”, a Calgary native who never fails in his columns to expose his clear contempt and hatred for our Prime Minister, Stephen Harper.

Martin was smacked down in today’s letters section by Lieutenant Commander Kevin Stephens, of the United States Navy in Kandahar, over Martin’s despicable attack yesterday on Harper’s latest surprise trip to Afghanistan.

Today’s attempt to slime the PM is even worse. His column, “Ottawa displaying double standard over two alleged terrorists”, sets up a phony comparison between the cases of Huseyin Celil and Sohail Qureshi to make a partisan attack on our government.

This is the tale of two alleged Canadian terrorists, young Muslims in similarly dire straits afforded wildly different treatment by Ottawa.

One has not been charged with anything, yet languishes in an Kabul jail while his case is studiously avoided by the prime minister in talks with the president of Afghanistan.

The other has been tried, convicted and imprisoned for life in Beijing as a terrorist, yet his treatment has destabilized trade relations with an economic superpower. Both Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Foreign Affairs Minister Peter MacKay have repeatedly argued his case with unimpressed Chinese leaders.

Such is the stark contrast between Afghan-alleged suicide bomber Sohail Qureshi of Calgary and China-convicted terrorist Huseyin Celil of Burlington, Ont.

Foreign Affairs won’t even utter Qureshi’s name citing privacy issues, but the minister regularly screeches in protest to denounce the shabby treatment and unfair conviction confronting Celil.

Confused? Ditto.

Oh, you are confused, Don? Well, no “ditto” here – some of us have brains that can discern important (and obvious) distinctions between two situations, leaving out what seems to be the only serious similarity – that they are both of the Muslim faith.

Let’s review: Celil has been improsoned for life by the TOTALITARIAN COMMUNIST CHINESE REGIME as a POLITICAL PRISONER, convicted by Beijing for promoting the cause of the Uighur minority in Southwestern China.

Qureshi, as exposed in my posting on his case May 22, was arrested by our AFGHANI ALLIES on suspicion of planning to KILL INNOCENTS AND ALLIED SECURITY FORCES in a planned SUICIDE BOMBING mission. The suspicions have been confirmed by HIS OWN FREAKING IMAM IN CALGARY!

So, Don Martin, the different treatment being accorded each case by the government is fully understandable. Get seized illegally by the Chinese, denied your rights as a Canadian citizen, and get incarcerated for life for being part of a non-violent political movement against a despicable regime, and you become a legitimate cause celebre. Get seized legally by a friendly government in the midst of a civilizational battle, in order to stop you from murdering and maiming dozens of people, and you get what you deserve.

Confused, Don Martin? That makes you an idiot.


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