Leftist Implosion: Babble Forum On Shabazz Exposes Confusion, Misery, Hatred

Wanna see the left chew itself up and spit itself out? Check out this Rabble.ca/babble forum discussing the Malik Zulu Shabazz denial-of-entry into Canada:


For those who aren’t familiar with “Babble”, it’s the message board for Canada’s activist left hosted by Judy Rebick’s Rabble.ca web site. (Guess what – your tax dollars pay for it!)

What will you find in this epic thread? Defense of Shabazz and contempt for Shabazz; admiration for black-racist-in-training Nkem Anizor, and disgust for Anizor; a moderator threatening to ban a poster for suggesting another poster is an apologist for antisemitism; posters jumping all over another for daring to suggest that the Left is all about “equality of treatment for all people” (that’s a right-wing horror, people); attacks on parochial schools; a debate on whether separate skin-pigmentation-based separate schools should be established; a discussion on the common slur that Jews believe they are superior beings because the are the “chosen people” (wrong…chosenness refers to their duties and obligations imposed by God, not some sort of genetic superiority); a bizarrely naive proposal that the group importing Shabazz to speak may not have known that his speeches always include antisemitic ravings; a vicious tiff over whether skin colour grants or denies license to say certain things; someone quoting the Charter to justify separate black public schools.

Apparently all it takes for the Left to rip itself apart is for a notorious misogynist racist criminal to be denied entry at the border. If ever there was proof that clarity of thought is missing from the left, here it is!

That, and the absence of any grounding in God and morality, makes the Babbler’s world a scary, bizarre, soulless place.



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11 responses to “Leftist Implosion: Babble Forum On Shabazz Exposes Confusion, Misery, Hatred

  1. philanthropist

    We pay for rabble too! Is there a friggin’ socialist idiot in this country that isn’t sucking up our tax dollars! Crap. Yes, that’s what socialists do, but the limousine socialists in this country should be thrown off welfare – their supporters, since they claim to have so many, can put the gas in their limos.

  2. We pay for them but indirectly ( more accounting sleight of hand), they receive payment for the “content” they provide to Alternatives.ca. Rabble is project of Alternatives which receives the bulk of its funding fron federal and provincial agencies. Long story and one I am working on.

  3. jerostessobby

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