Maher Arar Update: Will “Global Investigative Journalists” Ask the Tough Questions?

One Happy Canadian - Maher Arar, January 26, 2007

Look who’s comin’ to town this Thursday – it’s Maher Arar, Superstar! Via taxpayer-supported unread pseudo-intellectual leftist wankazine The Walrus:

Arar to Appear at Global Investigative Journalism Conference in Toronto

Journalists and documentary film makers from Canada and over 30 countries will gather in Toronto May 24-27, 2007 for the fourth Global Investigative Journalism Conference to discuss the challenges journalists face conducting investigative work and explore the tools that help them produce their news stories. This year’s conference is hosted by the Canadian Association of Journalists.

To kick off the conference, GIJC welcomes a discussion with Maher Arar who was falsely detained, imprisoned, tortured and accused of having links to al-Qaeda.

Held for the first time in North America, the GIJC is an opportunity for Canadian and international journalists to trade skills and strategies, to expand their networks beyond borders and to add a global connection to their local stories. The conference is an opportunity to dig deeper on current issues such as terrorism, government corruption and corporate crime.

The conference will be held at the Toronto Hilton Hotel from May 24 to May 27, 2007.

For more information and registration visit

Aha! Just what we’ve been waiting for – a panel of world-class investigative journalists getting the chance to confront Arar with the difficult questions that, to my knowledge, no journalist has dared asked of him to date. Here’s what I would like to see asked (most of which I covered in my March 18 posting):

  • Two known acquaintances of yours, Mohammed Kamal Elzahabi and Abdullah Almalki, have been in custody over the alleged exporting of modified radio communications gear to Al Qaeda in Afghanistan via Pakistan. As a communications engineer, did you help modify any equipment for these gentlemen?

  • Your personal timeline still contains a gaping hole in 1993. Where did you spend that year after you graduated from McGill?

  • Your former employer, The Mathworks, works closely with many major US aerospace and defense contractors. Is there anything about your time working there on high-level projects with highly sophisticated security technology that may be the cause of your continued no-fly status in the United States?

  • What were the contents of the letter you signed when in U.S. custody on September 27, 2002 in New York?

  • You say that you were on a long vacation in Tunisia with your family in 2002, yet neighbors claim that you cleared out your home and hastily disappeared. What is the complete story of your family’s departure from Ottawa to Tunisia in the Spring of 2002?

Yet, something tells me the questions will sound more like this:

  • What was it like to be flown by the CIA on a secret rendition plane?

  • Who in the Bush administration do you blame most?

  • Why does Alberto Gonzalez hate you so much?

  • When will Canada get social justice?

  • How does it feel to get an honourary degree from Nippissing University?

  • Why did Bush lie?

  • Did the Jews know about 9/11 in advance?

Maybe not that last one…



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9 responses to “Maher Arar Update: Will “Global Investigative Journalists” Ask the Tough Questions?

  1. spark

    Man, you really want this guy to be guilty eh?

    Habeas corpus sure is a bitch.

  2. This should be an interesting show, should be, but I fear otherwise.

  3. Spark: man, you really want this guy to be innocent eh?

    Useful idiocy sure is a bitch.

    (For the record, all I want is the truth – something Mr. Arar and his Saudi-financed CAIR-CAN backers have never come forward with.)

  4. spark

    Nice non-rejoinder. I cite the founding principle of the rule-of-law as being a genuine impediment to your obvious desire – the indictment of a still innocent until proven guilty citizen of Canada, and you cite my purported “useful idiocy” as an impediment to… what obvious desire of mine would that be, exactly? For the record, here’s a tip: engage brain first next time. Truth recognition depends on it.

  5. You must distinguish between the court of law and everyday life. In the court of law, you must certainly prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. In everyday life, where this blog resides, people are free to examine and judge as they see fit.

    That being said, I’ll clear something up: I have no “desire” to prove Arar guilty. If he has never helped Al Qaeda or Islamist Terrorists, then so be it – but I just would like to know honest answers to honest questions. And speaking of questions – those of you who insist he is “innocent” have no answers to the questions about his conduct I have raised. And, as Arar has made himself a public figure (and a beneficiary of public funds), these questions are perfectly legitimate.

    The question is: are YOU interested in the truth, or the protection of the Arar narrative as it has so far been portrayed?

  6. jiri

    Please can anyone tell me why Google

    a) finds 930 000 entries for Maher Arar but only displays 750 (after some prompting still only 1000 entries) and
    b) there is not a dissenting voice among them (like they were all written by spark).

    I would really like to know.

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  8. Rob C

    I will not waste my time checking what this POS has to say.

  9. peter

    Dropping by via sda, have you read Paul Palango’s book “Dispersing The Fog”? Polite suggestion, perhaps you should start a fund to get him to the conference. He is haunted by the same questions as you. and went so far as to write a book about it (and lots of other interesting stuff). While I often disagree with his analysis his research is pretty solid and many of his conclusions awfully hard to dispute.

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