Justin Trudeau: Indoctrinating the Children to Hate Themselves

Justin Trudeau, Metrosexual Socialist

Way-cool chest-shaving socialist, telling the kids what to think…

Rise up, children! Throw off the evil ways of your parents! Join la revolucion!

Justin Trudeau, 30-something Master’s student, socialist, member of the church of “the environment”, and son of our most disastrous Prime Minister, is now gallavanting around the country indoctrinating children to hate their own society. From The Windsor Star , on a Trudeau speech to over 600 high school students earlier this week (h/t National Newswatch):

Trudeau suggested to the students the capitalist “machine” that sustains modern existence may also become modern civilization’s downfall.

The system promotes exploitation of natural resources without accounting for future consequences of consumption, he said.

“Our capitalist model has given us tremendous things,” Trudeau said. “But the time has come for us to look at it critically and try to improve on it, given the accelerated pace of change and the fact that we have limited space.”

Trudeau said Canada’s environmental and social justice record have deteriorated.

“We consume more water per capita than anyone else on the planet. We produce more solid waste than just about anyone else on the planet. In terms of social justice, our treatment of our aboriginal communities are an absolute disgrace.”

Of course, Prince Justin refused to talk to the press after the event.

Youth indoctrination is the favoured method of communists, socialists, Islamists, and fascists to impose a revolutionary agenda on society. Trudeau should be ashamed, although he seems to have no shame. You may say, so what? This guy has no power, he’s just a loser. Well, indoctrination works. From the same story:

But the sober presentation didn’t extinguish the students’ excitement for their modern “icon,” as 17-year-old Jonna Reaume called Trudeau when thanking him on behalf of the students.

“I can’t wait to vote for you one day!” Reaume, 17, told the son of former prime minister Pierre Trudeau.

Reaume’s enthusiastic support was evidently shared by her colleagues, many of whom rushed toward the stage following Trudeau’s hour-long talk. The teens swarmed Trudeau as though he were a rock star, flashing their camera-equipped cellphones.

Dismiss him at your own peril. This guy is a menace.

UPDATE May 18/07: The National Post has weighed in on today’s editorial page:

Schoolchildren of the Trudeau era– the one in the past, not the blissful one that is assuredly just around the corner — were taught that Canada has a “mixed economy” that steered a course between untrammelled, predatory capitalism and the excesses (if any) of the otherwise admirable socialist states of the world. Even then, the crimes and blunders of the government-controlled part of our “mixed” system were routinely ascribed to the “capitalist” element in our social fabric. But it is baffling to see the game attempted now, in a world where the environmental and ethnic horrors committed within planned economies have been chronicled in such detail. Let’s hope the high schoolers in Windsor have teachers who are better informed on such matters than Mr. Trudeau.



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7 responses to “Justin Trudeau: Indoctrinating the Children to Hate Themselves

  1. philanthropist

    Snotty little rich boys can afford to sell bankrupt ideology. What an a$$h*le.

  2. I feel faint. This was just too much Justin for 1 sitting.

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  4. The liberals are completely aware of what they possess: A political star able to reach multitudes of people. And they march him up and down Canada to spread the message and fundraise. He’s doing a great job of it.
    Where he goes, cameras and people follow.
    Finally someone who eloquently expresses his own opinions.
    Which happen to coincide with apparently a large segment of Canada. Which explains why the Chemical Alliance of Canada can only tread water on the national stage, despite trying to buying supporters.
    Fresh ideas are always rejected by people who fear change. Its easier to stick with the same worn out thinking.

  5. Jim

    I will not vote for justin if he tries to run for pm… His father was the most disastreous PM… I could just imagine what damage Justin will do if he becomes PM… I am against the gun registry by the way asshole, you’re nothing but an fascist elitist and I hope you never become PM because watch out Canadians, we will be in for a ride… I like stephen harper and peter mackay way better!

  6. Only when all the rivers are dammed, all the trees are cut, all the fish have been killed, only then man will see he cannot eat his money, God bless justin and all who care for their water, land, and air.

  7. The jobs have been sold so the illuminauti could becom filthy rich while the middle class sloowly fell into the poor class, open your eyes, this is the fifth myan age of awakening

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