Liberal MP David McGuinty, 47, Scared of Conservative MP Royal Galipeau, 60


…what a pansy. And why is this a story, anyway?

Ottawa MP David McGuinty accused Tory MP Royal Galipeau of storming across the floor and unleashing a tirade of insults. He called the unruly conduct the worst he’s seen in his three years on Parliament Hill.

“The member was clearly out of control, using unparliamentary language and in a threatening fashion grabbed my left shoulder and only left my side when several of my colleagues urged him to stop and to leave, but he would not,” McGuinty said. “He was really completely out of control, raising his voice, flailing his arms, gesticulating in a threatening fashion and making wild accusations.”

McGuinty, who was posing a question about language rights and the court challenges program at the time, has asked the House Speaker to investigate. Galipeau, also an Ottawa MP, is deputy House Speaker and charged with keeping the peace and decorum in the Commons.

He admits he lost his cool, but denies he behaved in an intimidating manner.

“Yes, I was pretty upset, but I was only upset because I was surprised,” he said. “How can I be threatening to (McGuinty)? He’s bigger than I am, he’s stronger than I am, he’s younger than I am.”



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5 responses to “Liberal MP David McGuinty, 47, Scared of Conservative MP Royal Galipeau, 60

  1. Royal Galipeau MUST resign as deputy speaker. Period! No if’s and’s or but’s! – A line has to be drawn in the sand over this crap!

    His own little snit factor CANNOT overide the fact that violent outbursts or violence CANNOT happen in our parliament.

    Unless this is what you want the Canadian Parlaiament to start moving towards imitating proceedings of the Taiwanese House!
    Taiwanese proceedings

  2. Well, if “leftdog” says so, he must resign.

    “Leftdog”, I insist you resign from blogging. You CANNOT come onto my blog and INSIST upon someone resigning! This kind of blog violence is unacceptable!

    Phoney outrage like this is why I’m done with the left. They’re like 6th-graders who refuse to grow up.

  3. Unfortunately, right wingers don’t have much common sense. Galipeau is a deputy speaker, authorized and mandated by the House to uphold the rules of the House. Then he blatantly breaks the rules – expects there to be NO consequences but you have NO problem with that. Sheeeeeesh …..

  4. You think violence is a good thing when you are frustrated????? I should teach my kids that????

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