Conservatives Closing Immigration Loophole: Strippers Lose Back-Door Entry

In a move that will likely be mocked derisively by the mainstream media, lonely losers, hedonist-atheists, soulless libertarians, and the sex industry that traffics in human flesh, the Conservative government has decided to close a Liberal loophole that allowed young foreign women to enter Canada to work in our world-famously-permissive strip clubs. (via CTV, h/t Bourque):

Many strip clubs rely on dancers from Asia and Eastern Europe to fill their rosters, but Fife said the government believes the practice exploits women.

The Tories have been touting the move as a response to the so-called Strippergate scandal when former Liberal immigration minister Judy Sgro resigned amid accusations that she fast-tracked the immigration papers of a Romanian stripper who worked on her campaign.

“The Liberals gave blanket exemptions to foreign strippers to work in Canada,” a senior government source told The Canadian Press.

“We’re putting an end to the Liberal Strippergate in order to prevent the exploitation of women.”

The former Liberal government issued temporary work permits for 600 foreign dancers before the practice was ended in 2004.

Please, next time someone tells you that Harper’s government is “more of the same”, use this as an example that a conservative ideology of common human decency still lives on in the Conservative Party of Canada. Good work on this one!


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One response to “Conservatives Closing Immigration Loophole: Strippers Lose Back-Door Entry

  1. Now if only we could convince the Khadr family to take up stripping..oooo forgot their citizens

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