Airing Liberal Dirty Laundry: Ignatieff vs. Dion


The bad-ship-Liberal: Still Sinking!

When the Conservatives have petty internecine conflicts, the Canadian media loves to turn molehills into mountains. When the Liberals have petty internecine conflicts, the media loves to sweep them under the rug. So it is my duty, as a right-of-center blogger, to do whatever I can to promote the airing of dirty Liberal laundry for more to see.

The news coming out of the Liberal Party this week is, in essence, this: one of Stephane Dion’s cronies, Jamie Carroll (who you’ve probably seen as a Liberal pundit on CTV’s Question Period in the past), is under pressure by Michael Ignatieff to resign his position in the party, because of comments Carroll made in his new book. Steve Janke has done all the digging, so check out the details here.

The significance? Iggy’s call for Carroll to resign is a direct attack on Citoyen Dion’s leadership. I see this as a sign that Dion’s grip on power is slipping, and that he likely will not last as leader until the next election. Based on the words coming out of Bob Rae (see this interview with Linda Frum last week), and this attack by Iggy, I think the putsch is on. It was always clear to me that the Liberal Party hierarchy intended to install a Rae-Ignatieff leadership team, but unseemly deals with ethnic voting blocks caused the convention to tip in the balance of a far-left faction (Kennedy-Dion-Finley) that was never supposed to attract more than a fringe.

The end result? Combined with the blow taken to Gilles Duceppe’s prestige over the weekend, this buys Stephen Harper and his team at least another year of governing as a minority – a year, I am certain, they did not want!

UPDATE 10:08 pm EDT – Stephane Dion has done what any horrible leader would do – he has both admonished his loyal deputy Carroll, and refused to capitulate to Ignatieff’s demand to fire him. See details here. The result? Carroll is stabbed in the back, and Ignatieff is not sated. Both sides are burning, while Dion continues to undermine his own grip on power. What would a good leader have done? Either fire Carroll, or publically admonish Ignatieff for insubordination. You can’t have it both ways, Celine.


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