A Self-Respecting Leftist: Terry Glavin Speaks Out Against Alliance with Islamists

Respectable Leftist Terry Glavin

Terry Glavin may be a proud member of the tree-hugging west-coast Sierra Club latte-left that spreads self-hatred far too broadly throughout the developed world; however, he is a man who has now earned the deep respect of the Canadian right. A writer, Professor, blogger, and regular columnist with the left-coast ad-rag “The Georgia Straight”, Glavin has become a voice in the wilderness by having the courage to call out his fellow leftists for embracing Islamists. It’s a story I covered a month ago with my post “Canadian Leftists Prostrating Themselves to Islamists in Egypt”. Glavin wrote a brilliant piece on the topic in the April 26 edition of The Straight, then followed up with a widely-read piece in the May 10 Ottawa Citizen, titled “With Friends Like These…”.

As self-awareness is nearly non-existent on the left, Glavin lays it out in no uncertain terms: allying with a pathological, mysoginistic, violent, tyrannical enemy to further one’s goals is simply unacceptable:

During the Israel-Hezbollah war last summer, this column examined Canada’s so-called antiwar movement, and concluded that its conduct was squalid, and its “peace” was really about opposing Israel.

I expressed support for the struggles of the Palestinian people, but I pointed out that there’s another, much larger, war going on. It’s a war against modernity, against the emancipation of women, against the Jews, and against everything any self-respecting liberal or socialist or democrat has ever stood for.

This time, I’m here to say Canada’s main “antiwar” groups have finally, fully, and openly exposed themselves to be active participants in that war. And they’re on the side of the enemy.

Glavin exposes the outrageous visit of James Clark and his Canadian Peace Alliance to the Leftist-Islamist summit in Cairo in March; their celebrating the anniversary of the Islamic revolution in Iran with Iranian diplomats in Richmond Hill in February; their alliance with the disgraced George Galloway’s movement from Britain; and the left’s despicable Marxism-Resistance conference taking place in Toronto this very weekend (check out Blazing Catfur’s red-hot preview, “History’s Losers Unite: A Festival of Treason” – great work!).

Glavin may be a lefty, but he’s not stupid – he understands that most of his fellow travellers are:

But there already has been a casualty in all this. Before the nations of the world, Canada could have produced a robust, vigorous and broadly popular progressive movement, disciplined by the duty of solidarity and committed to the ongoing liberation of Afghanistan from one of the ugliest tyrannies history has ever known.

That opportunity was lost. We may never get it back.

Yes, a lefty with a functioning memory, who refuses to forget the woman-and-gay-stonings in Kabul’s soccer stadium, and the destruction of the Buddhist statues at Bamiyan, under Jack Layton’s negotiating partners, the Taliban. Good work from a highly readible “progressive”.


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  1. philanthropist

    One left leaning Canadian that doesn’t hate the rest of us. At least there’s one.

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