Arrested Leaker Jeff Monaghan (a.k.a. “Bones” the Anarchist) Sells Out to Play the Victim Card

Jeff Monaghan, Anarchist Poseur

So this is the trash that the RCMP took out of the Ministry of the Environment the other day? A 30-something anarchist poseur who calls himself “Bones”, who spent his days earning a living off the government payroll, while devoting the rest of his time comparing Harper to Hitler in a band whose logo glorifies 9/11-style attacks on Ottawa, promoting books like “Bomb the Suburbs” , raising money for terrorist detainees, and leaking secret documents to the press. (Hat tip to Steve Janke for much of the background info.)

What I want to know is: how many more Jeff Monaghans are working in our bureaucracy? How many Jeff Monaghans are actively subverting the Harper government? And how many sophomoric losers who never made it mentally out of undergrad pot parties are out there preaching against organized government while making their living sucking off our government’s teat? Sad and pathetic, but completely unacceptable nonetheless.

If this was a “Witch Hunt”  then I’ve just become a big fan of Witch Hunts.



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8 responses to “Arrested Leaker Jeff Monaghan (a.k.a. “Bones” the Anarchist) Sells Out to Play the Victim Card

  1. MA

    Very good questions. I guess this is what is to be expected after 13 years of sponsorship scandals, siphoning off our money to people outside — and inside — the Liberal government. I want my money back. And I hope the RCMP starts sniffing out anyone else who may be using our money in ways like this.

  2. An anarchist who sought the security of a government job, glad to see he remained steadfst to his principles;)

  3. Vince

    Fuckin loser…do you think its better to hide the truth….keep comment for your self

  4. philanthropist

    ‘Bones’ certainly is a loser, no argument there. He should be punished severely for breach of trust because if more ‘civil servants’ start doing what he’s done, the breakdown in trust of our civil service will lead to paralysis. That may be exactly what he wants – as long as he can still collect the taxpayer’s money – but Canadians would regret it deeply.

  5. If they don’t nail him people will remember that next time some govt anarchist wants folk to fill out medical forms, gun registry info, tax info,….

    Good move for an anarchist.

    Bet he went on a road taxpayers paid for to get to work. Did his shop use Ontario Hydro? Did they pay PST/GST?????

  6. Abe Isaak

    Anarchists oppose not only government, but the economic system as well. Technically its hypocritical to work, or vote, at all. However, the current government and economic system fails to provide many alternatives for making our own way because the government feels that any born within its borders should be subject to its jurisdiction. So even if one were to acquire a piece of land to live collectively, one could not escape from compulsory property taxes, or whatever other laws a government imposes on the entirety of its land.
    Because government, by its very nature, will not allow anarchists to live freely, we are forced by necessity to partake in its economy, and whether my employer is the Government of Canada, or Joe Blow Auto Body, both may as well be prostitution – it’s all just a question of which evil I consider lesser. Whether Joe Blow Auto Body, or the Government of Canada, as my employer, are engaged in tasteless practices, after a certain point I may feel obliged to make the public aware of this. Furthermore, if anyone is playing the victim, it’s the Government of Canada, who has been trying to fleece the people of Canada, relying on a short public memory of environmental goals to put forth a poor substitute for change in our orientation towards our environment.
    But it’s fine if you want to continue to sit in the laps of your masters, pretending their party represents your interests… you can talk all the shit you want about people who take a stand, but you have no balls, they’re in the clenched fists of your bosses, the police, your government, your gods – your masters.

  7. Thanks for making a compelling case for nothing. The muddied thinking of people like you make me proud to be on the right.

  8. mark

    bomb the suburbs is about spray-painting. just so you know.

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