Public School Indoctrination: VP Uses Monia Mazigh to Demonize Canada


Maher Arar and wife Monia Mazigh have spent the better part of their recent lives working with CAIR and the North American left in an attempt to clear Maher’s name. They have certainly controlled the message; it’s now conventional wisdom that Arar was snatched “by the Bush administration” with the help of Canadian law enforcement while returning from “vacation” in Tunisia, and was taken by “extraordinary rendition” to Syria to be “tortured”. Some of us still have our doubts that this is exactly what went down.

What troubles me most is the fact that what I call the “soft left” – the average well-educated secular liberal who would picks up talking points from trusted sources like Jon Stewart and the Globe & Mail without ever investigating the veracity of claims – has now embraced the Arar-CAIR narrative, thus contributing to its use as another stick of the hard left to bash Canada and modern Western society. From the Penticton Western News, local paper in Arar & Mazigh’s soon-to-be-former B.C. hometown, here’s what the Vice-Principal of a local high school has to say about the Arar saga after a packed lecture delivered to the student body last week:

Vice-principal Trevor Robinson said Mazigh’s presentation was a chance for students to learn that their history lessons on Canada’s FLQ crisis and Japanese internment camps are not problems of the past.

“At times it would have been easier for (Mazigh and Arar) to hang (their) heads down, and stay silent but they have been courageous and set an example for all of us,” he said.

Aha – not only were the Japanese internment, and FLQ crackdown, evil; but our society is just as evil and unjust today!

Sadly, this is the environment that our children grow up in today – teachers, themselves indoctrinated on left-dominated campuses by leftist professors, can only understand the world in the context of “authority = oppression”. It’s a sad, pompous, narcissistic world view, but one that insecure Canadians thrive on in an era where our identity is grounded in grievance politics and multicultural relativism.

I would guess that if you did a poll of Canadian high school students asking if they believe there is a “war on terror” or a problem with radical Islam, 90% would answer no to both.

We are an ostrich nation.


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