Bloviating Bloc MP Yves Malo: Embarassing Himself and Quebec over Shane Doan

The “Shane Doan Affair” is an absolute embarassment for any self-respecting human being. The grievance pimps trying to turn Doan into Don Imus are only embarassing themselves.

My only contribution to this fiasco will be this clip, which shows a Bloc backbencher exposing what it’s really about (paranoia, insecurity, and anti-Western bigotry) while making himself, his party, and – sorry to say it – his province, look like a laughing stock. The bloviating, the gesticulation, the condescension – this is a performance worthy of absolute mockery. As the committee chairman says in a beautiful deadpan payoff at the end of the clip: “Mr. Malo, your 5 minutes are over.”


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One response to “Bloviating Bloc MP Yves Malo: Embarassing Himself and Quebec over Shane Doan

  1. EmZi

    His 5 minutes were over not a moment too soon.

    I cannot believe he kept calling this an “important issue”.

    What is its “importance”, say, on a scale of 1 to 10 compared to:
    – starving children in poor countries;
    – suicide bombings amongst the unsuspecting innocent;
    – the mass elimination of people that are smaller, less developed, hidden, dependant on others (the unborn), and the corresponding suicidal birth rates in “developed” countries;
    – the undermining of marriage in the law and society, and the social and legal marginalization of those who insist that the traditional, natural understanding of marriage be upheld and supported;
    – the erosion of civil liberties of people whose views don’t conform to the liberal establishment’s;
    – the sex trade;
    – drug trafficking; or
    – even the darling issue of the day, whatever is going on with the environment???

    About a minus 6 gazillion, that’s what.

    I wonder what people who live in countries where there is serious poverty (a la people living in cemeteries and garbage dumps), little chance for education, flooding, famine, earthquakes, tornadoes, suicide bombers, and religious persecution would think of us for taking even 5 minutes (let alone…what has it been, a *week* now??) to discuss this.

    I mean, seriously.

    We’re acting like a bunch of spoiled rich kids in a world that has no other “important issues”.

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