CTV’s Lloyd Robertson and Bob Fife: Partners in Liberal Indoctrination

Here’s a great example of what we hate about the mainstream media:

Reporter (not pundit) Robert Fife draws anti-Conservative conclusions on the latest public opinion poll, which actually shows little change from previous polls. He talks of “pockets of resistance” in the country; spouts the conventional wisdom that the country is against the Conservatives on “Afghanistan and the Environment”, and quotes an (unnamed, of course) “Senior Military Commander” who says that we are “creating more terrorists” in Afghanistan.

The pattern is clear: create a narrative that is only tangentially tied to reality; repeat it as much as possible; then use the lie to create more stories supporting the narrative. These guys aren’t interested in finding stories or telling truth; they simply want to promote an agenda, and fluff their political pals.

I captured this video on the request of Kate at SmallDeadAnimals, so look there for further analysis.



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3 responses to “CTV’s Lloyd Robertson and Bob Fife: Partners in Liberal Indoctrination

  1. EmZi

    This is especially shameless indoctrination since Dion is just the gift that keeps on giving to the PM with all his mistakes. Some people just don’t have standards!

  2. neo

    funny thing about those “pockets of resistance”… most of them seem to be in canada.


  3. I am glad that Tiger Woods is back playing. It makes the game thrilling yet again.

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