Et tu, Baird?: Lightbulb Jihad Spreads to Feds


A few days ago, I railed against incandescent-lightbulb-banning as a dumb idea only a liberal could love. I must say, my heart sank today when I read this:

Ban means future dim for ‘inefficient’ lightbulbs News Staff – The federal government declared a Canada-wide ban on the sale of inefficient lightbulbs on Thursday, pledging to eliminate them entirely in Canada within five years.

With enviro-lunacy now overtaking the Feds, where does one with common sense turn? To review the reasons why this is so wrong: poisonous mercury content in compact flourescents; lack of dimmable CF bulbs; huge retrofitting costs; impossibility of enforcement; exaggerated energy savings projections (see analysis from Silicon Chip Magazine via Sydney Morning Herald – 2nd item on this page); and a great point brought up by Jay Bryant of TCS Daily that applies particularly well to Canada, the environmental cost of losing the heat emission of incandescent bulbs:

But is that heat really wasted? On a cold winter’s night, my house is ablaze with incandescent light bulbs. Imagine all the heat they’re emitting. Now imagine taking it all away. Obviously, my furnace is going to have to work harder to keep the house warm. In hot weather, to be sure, light bulb heat works against air conditioning efficiency, but long summer daylight hours mean there’s much less use of lighting then – and most of that is at night, when temperatures are at least to some extent cooler, and the air conditioners may be off.

I suppose that I should heed one of my own “phrases to live by” – not to let the perfect be the enemy of the good – and appreciate all the good things the Conservative government has already done. However, this really rankles. Whether this is cynical pandering or simply utter stupidity, it is not what I expected out of a Harper regime. Please, someone, tell me this law will be a toothless smokescreen!

Wake me when this nightmare of enviro-hysteria is over.


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One response to “Et tu, Baird?: Lightbulb Jihad Spreads to Feds

  1. EmZi

    The issue of mercury content is especially concerning. Why isn’t that more heavily publicized?

    I guess there will be a mad rush a la Y2K to buy as many of the old bulbs as possible amongst those who know!

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