Israel’s PM Salutes Stephen Harper & Peter MacKay; Peter Mansbridge Gags

As Yom Ha’atzmaut (Israel Independence Day) winds down, I thought I would post this neat two-minute video clip from “Mansbridge One-on-One”, the CBC anchor’s weekly 30 minute interview show, featuring Israeli PM Ehud Olmert giving Peter an answer he did not expect.

Peter asks “if Canada has a role” in the Middle East peace process. Olmert starts by saluting the “friendship and courage” of Peter MacKay and Stephen Harper, then passionately explains how the firmness and principled stand of “your leadership” should be a role model to the world. He then elevates Canada’s role to one alongside the US and the European “quartet” in influencing the moderate Arab countries as the process continues. Finally, he expresses his “full appreciation for the friendship, support, and COURAGE which the nation of Canada has manifested.”

Camera cuts to a speechcless Mansbridge, who looks incredulous that our CONSERVATIVE leader is appreciated by an international statesman. (Update: as one commenter put it on another forum, Mansbridge looks “like he swallowed a nail.”)

I’m sure this clip means far more to PM Harper than any of the slings and arrows he has taken from opponents of his Israel policy. The Jewish community is as grateful as Olmert, and will support the Conservatives in unprecedented numbers next election.



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8 responses to “Israel’s PM Salutes Stephen Harper & Peter MacKay; Peter Mansbridge Gags

  1. I don’t know about gagging or incredulous. Peter was speechless, and there were a couple of fidgety movements on camera that showed his level of comfort hearing those words and not being able to respond without looking like a jerk. Just my impressions.

  2. Fair point, speechless is certainly true. Or, as someone commented on another forum, “he looks like he swallowed a nail.”

  3. I saw that on TV last night and I*m so glad it was captured for wider viewing.

    For a minority government to get such a powerful endorsement is remarkable.

    Conservatives getting things done. Yeah!= TG

  4. …well I hope the Jewish voters in Ontario and Quebec also show their appreciation.

    Why they continue to vote Liberal is beyond me.

  5. More like swallowing a dead rat, I think

  6. Anon

    Maybe he’s finally starting to get a taste of all the crap on the end of his Liberal nose from having it shoved up somewhere for so many years…

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  8. EmZi

    Speaking of the PM and Peter MacKay, anyone see Jeffrey Simpson’s piece yesterday?!?

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