Jawad Faizi Update: CBC Video by Joan Leishman


CBC’s Joan Leishman has become the point-person for exposing the intimidation and violence being perpetrated against Muslim “moderates” right here on the streets of Canada. Her National documentary last month was prominently covered (and commented on) here on this blog.

Last night, Leishman prepared a report on Jawad Faizi, the Pakistani refugee journalist who was threatened and beaten earlier this week for writing critical columns about a charismatic Islamist preacher. Click here for the report in RealPlayer format (2:51) .

The only thing missing from pretty much all reports on this incident? No one is repeating exactly what Faizi said about Muhammad Tahir Ul Qadri, who preaches around the world, including in Mississauga, Ontario, where Faizi resides. If anyone out there understands Urdu and has read Faizi’s columns, let me know! I’ll post a rough translation if you can provide.



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4 responses to “Jawad Faizi Update: CBC Video by Joan Leishman

  1. I don’t think that Dr. Tahir ul Qadri says wrong.
    This is drama produced by Faizi and Editor jointly to come in the eyes of the people and to make people know his presence in Canada.
    If he is a good person, why he left pakistan.

  2. “If he is a good person, why he left pakistan.”

    If you were being sarcastic, you’d be a very funny guy! But I know you are not being sarcastic, which makes you a hater.

  3. Sam

    “If he is a good person, why he left pakistan” …. typical asian english usage, a hater using a pseudonym, ask your self why you left where you came from, well he wanted to be free, experience freedom from intelorant people like you Nicholas LOL. We need more people Faizi to expose the darkness or your hearts!!!!

    Shame on you hypocrite!!!

  4. Ahmed

    Hey!it’s ahmed.tahir ul qadri is not Islamic person actually he can’t be,because our beautiful religion Islam doesn’t say that if even anyone says anything wrong about you then you start hurtin him/her.he is basterd man even he can’t be Muslim.once he was translating Quran wrong someone said you translating it wrong he goes it’s my stile.what the f**k.

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