Hoorah for Justice Noel: Harkat Petition Denied


Earlier this week, I called three Federal Court Justices insane (Madam Justice Eleanor Dawson, Justice Richard Mosley, and Madame Justice Carolyn Layden-Stevenson) for their orders to release from custody three illegal immigrants with direct active operational ties to Islamic Terrorism.

One of the alleged terrorists, Mohamed Harkat, was still not satisfied with Dawson’s gift of release (which allowed him three four-hour outings a week), and sued the government for more concessions. Thank God someone on the bench has a little backbone – thank you, Justice Simon Noel – petition denied!

Small consolation, though. For all we know, Noel would also have released Harkat if he was in Dawson’s position. But fair is fair, so I’ll salute the good, in hope of getting better in the future.

Now, if someone can explain me this: Judges have refused to deport these men to Egypt because of fears of torture or capital punishment. If Egypt is so evil that we can’t trust them with their own citizen terror suspects, why should we be giving them $18-$25 million in annual foreign aid money?


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