You can pry my lightbulbs FROM MY COLD DEAD HANDS!


Has there ever been a dumb idea that liberals won’t latch onto, as long as it makes them seem “caring”? The latest fad jumping around the world from left-dominated electoral district to left-dominated electoral district is the banning of incandescent lightbulbs. Yes, Ontario – we’re headed for an age of lamp-inspection police in as few as five years.

I expect such inanity from Dalton McGuinty’s ilLiberal government. What I never expected was to find the opposition Ontario Progressive Conservative party attacking the policy FROM THE LEFT!

Conservative MPP John Yakabuski chastised the Liberals for taking so long to get conservation programs up and running and suggested the bulb ban should happen sooner than 2012.

Wouldn’t you know it – after reading this quote and choking on my Cheerios first thing this morning, I got a fund-raising call at the office from the Ontario PCs. I told the poor telemarketer that I am a conservative, and thus would certainly not be supporting John Tory’s Progressive party.

(For more on why banning incandescent lightbulbs is a bad idea – well, start with common sense. Then, read Terrence Corcoran’s editorial, “A Few Watts Short of an Idea”. Among the major problems? Increased mercury pollution, poor light quality, creation of a lightbulb black market, increased fire risk, fixture incompatibility…)



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4 responses to “You can pry my lightbulbs FROM MY COLD DEAD HANDS!

  1. neo

    Minister of Sunning Himself on a Rock

    “Dwight Duncan, whose appearance, attitude and accomplishments belie his official title of Minister of Energy, has reluctantly admitted he has been asleep at the switch…

  2. John

    I think that it is time for those of us who are still sane to place the rest of the world in an asylum.

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  4. Francesca

    Don’t you love how facist environmentalist solutions are actually bad for the environment? Because it’s really about controlling people and eliminating freedoms anyway.

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